Top 5 Opeth Songs Every Metalhead Should Listen To

By July 22, 2022 Blogs

Are you a good listener?

Here we are talking about songs and music!

Well, that is a separate genre when it comes to being a good listener. You don’t need to be a musician or a guitarist or a vocalist, or a drummer to be a good listener. A good listener depicts a good choice or taste of music which anyone cannot be.

We all love to listen to the songs and murmur the lyrics in mind and enjoy songs. If we say a good listen is more than that, will you believe us?

Believe it or not, those are the kind of people who know how to stretch their arms and swim into the ocean of music. And this article is for those people who see the essence of music as a listener.

However, there are significant genres for songs, including Pop music, Classical music, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Hip hop, Rock, and so on. Oh! There is a master left to chant, Death metal!

How many of you are mad about death metal? Yeah! ‘Mad’ is used deliberately because those who are fans of death metal are mad about it. Yea! We are metalheads!

Songs For You To Be Mad At Opeth

Well, you have probably presumed what we are going to deliver you! Yeah, it’s Opeth! The progressive death metal.

We have plenty of superstars to bid in this genre, but we instead go for Opeth to let you understand what they have for you!

We all have listened to the masterpieces of Metallica, System Of A Down, and other bands like Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth, which have tremendously helped us to keep our trust in the genre by being metalheads.

It’s harder to tell than feel Opeth, and that’s why we recommend you listen to Opeth by downloading the songs for free from the pirate bay proxy.

1. To Bid You Farewell (1996)

The line, “In my own ashes, I am standing without a soul,” is enough to bid you farewell with its feeling, which can pin you with the essence of music.

The 1996 album, Morningrise, is where this song came to us, and still, many of us don’t know about it.

What are you waiting for! Before the farewell, it has got 10.54 minutes to blow your mind.

2. Harvest (2001)

If you have a general tendency to go with the different flows, like the ups and downs of music, then Harvest is for you.

The line, “Spirit painted sin embers beneath my skin,” can harvest into your heart and put love for the band for sure.

In 2001, Blackwater Park, one of our very famous albums of Opeth, was released, and at that very point, this song became the center of attraction for us. You will know why we love this song very much if you listen to it and go with the flow.

3. Ending Credits (2003)

Damnation was released in 2003 with a bunch of eight fabulous songs, and it’s hard to articulate any one of them. However, we have a suggestion for you to listen to the Ending Credits.

Though there are no lyrics, the music is enough to control your adrenaline as a listener. The music has a sense of connection, and you can feel like you are literally murmuring the unknown lyrics of the song.

4. Burden (2008)

“A broken line but underlined” with many feelings for you to experience. The burden is from the album Watershed to let you dive into the “ocean of sorrow.”

You can literally “count my mistakes” when you carry with this song and awaken the burden inside you. You can also try other songs on this album as well to get the same kind of sorrow with a different music experience.

5. Bleak (2001)

This is a song that is rich in its lyrics as well and inherited from the album Blackwater Park. If you listen to this song, you will feel everything, including Beating, Feeding, Aching, Fading, Moving, Luring, Crying, and then Dying.

You might say that your “Heart still beating” after you listen to it. No matter what feelings you have left to feel, Bleak will let you experience everything.

Come To Opeth 

No matter how busy you are, you can simply follow this progressive death metal to enter into a new world of music that can deliver you the ultimate melody of sadness and the madness of death music.

What are you waiting for! We summon you to the fictional “City of the Moon” (Opet) to listen to the magical voices of David Isberg and Mikael Åkerfeldt.

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