Top Ten Tracks of The Liza Colby Sound

By November 7, 2017 Blogs, News, Top Ten Tracks

Here’s an awesome full-on rock playlist from New York City’s The Liza Colby Sound, especially for us!


The top 10 is an ever-changing ever evolving smorgasbord of songs. I let Alec Morton (bass player of LCS) take the lead on this list. If you don’t know, his playlists are legendary. And keeping in theme of our upcoming Dirty Sweet Sound part deux tour, specifically the two men who literally live in the pocket, I had Sam Hariss (bass player of TST) add an eleventh song. Because rock ‘n’ roll should always be turned up to 11. Enjoyed the cake and the cherry. You’re welcome!

AC/DC – It’s A Long Way To The Top 

Still the truest song ever about the rock ‘n’ roll game, also the earliest example of the bagpipe/ guitar duels that dominated rock radio for the next 20 years.

Hawkwind – Time We Left This World Today

Another “true” song, and an awesome showcase of a pre-Motörhead Lemmy.

Jeff Beck Group – Spanish Boots

There’s dissension in the ranks of the LCS over the merits of Rod the Mod, but not over Jeff Beck or the always underrated Ron Wood. Total heavy-osity.

West, Bruce and Laing – Why Don’tcha

They sure ain’t makin supergroups like they used to. LP also available in short lived “quad” format – oh yeah!

John Lennon – Meat City

Never afraid to let his freak flag fly, Lennon closed out the Mind Games LP with this tune! Slapback on 11!

Sonic’s Rendevous Band – City Slang

What’s tougher than this? Private message LCS if you have an answer.

Randy Newman – Gone Dead Train

Where did this Randy Newman come from? Where did he go? A super groovy grease fest.

Nektar – Fidgety Queen

Who doesn’t love a Circus-themed concept album? This is from our favorite, “Down to Earth”. Hard to choose between this track and Nelly the Elephant. You make the call!

Terry Reid – Superlungs My Supergirl

Superlungs indeed! The might’a-been Zep vocalist shreds this Donovan tune.

Small Faces – ‘Rollin’ Over’

The Small Faces are perfect, like Polar Seltzer and Haribo Gummi Bears (blatant plea for endorsement from both companies)

The Rolling Stones – ‘Sweet Virginia’ 

Sam Hariss adds The Rolling Stones’ Sweet Virginia because, “Theres never a wrong time, Its always the right time, and there’s always a reason …not that you need one”

And here’s (another) nice little bonus, for us to you…

The Liza Colby Sound – ‘Cryin” 

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