Track-By-Track Review: Rammstein’s sixth album

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It’s here! It’s here! The German Industrial maestros are back with a simply brutal and arse-slapping dose of wicked electro metal goodness. It’s a weird one though, there’s everything here from acoustic (yes, Till Lindemann goes acoustic!) to a song sung in French and of course, the usual balls-out crazy-ness that we have come to associate with the intense and insane German six-piece on their as-yet-untitled sixth album. We can reveal that the album should see a release between October 18 and 21. Awesome!  We sent our very own rockstar drummer Ricko Walsh there to give us the lowdown…


Let’s get on with it then…

1] ‘Rammlied’ – It’s got a tasty medieval choir opening; “Rammstein” is repeated throughout creating a strong military environment that mixes in nicely with the chugging Industrial riffs. You are going to lap this up when the band unleash it out live…well, if it doesn’t tear your face off…yummy.  This has a nice walking pace tone, perfect for bouncing on the bus or in the club. It’s simply massive from start to finish.

2] ‘Ich Tu Dir Weh’ – This one has a shuffle feel to it with a chunky riff that’s carried by the drums making it the perfect romper stomper on the down beats. Again, the chorus has a really epic feel that might just send a shiver down your spine. The middle eight incorporates some seriously emotive vocals along with a series of displaced drumming stabs. This is sure to be a favourite as it takes on aspects from the band’s best work. Raise your f*cking fists people!

3] ‘Waidmann’s Hell’ – This is a very up-tempo track with some typically chunky riffage and solid drumming. The verse incorporates a medieval feel that clashes perfectly with the military vibe that’s inspired by the backing vocals. It’s got a similar vibe to some of the band’s biggest tunes which of course, should make it a pretty huge anthem. If you love pure Industrial metal then you are going to dig this powerhouse. This will no doubt go down as one of Rammstein’s classics. It’s truly epic and proper heavy – you’re gonna bounce!

4] ‘Hailfisch’ – This one really is a whole different kind of beast, it’s soft and it readily displays the obvious influence that 80s electro has on Lindemann and co. It’s got some laid down snare and kick beats which work well alongside electronic stabs and cascading down beats. There’s still the trademark military feel that follows the affecting chorus. It’s a little sexy and a little bit dark – just how you like it.


5] ‘B******’ – Rammstein bring the noise on this track that IS titled exactly how we’ve printed it, we presume it’s not naughty but we’d really rather leave the inner workings of Till Lindemann’s mind alone. On here, some stylish drums open things up with a laid back, behind the beat feel. Seriously though, when this kicks in, it’s a mosh-pit waiting to happen. It’s going to be a favourite for your nights out. Yet again, there’s quite a military feel carried forward by chunky riffs and a solid kick drum slam that rests on the down beats for the verse. While it’s a little predictable it will make a serious impact on your lobes.


6] ‘Fruehling In Paris’ – In our opinion this is a proper ballad and it’s also proper weird in terms of how you imagine the band. It’s an acoustic tune that uses French vocals in the chorus. You are going to be really surprised, but we definitely advise that you play it back a few times because it’s pretty darn inspiring.


7] ‘Wiener Blut’ – In English this is called, ‘Viennese Blood’ (thanks wiki) and it’s got a much more dramatic, almost violent chorus than anything that’s come before. For these few minutes it’s like the burly musicians have sat us down for a “storytime with Rammstein” session. Haunting vocals mix in with some seriously dramatic vocal expression. This is very well mixed and produced.


8] ‘Pussy’ – Okay, it’s pretty straight forward. It’s about….you know, right? The band remind of ‘Amerika’ slightly on this with English vocals repeating a wonderfully obscene chorus that starts with ‘You’ve Got A Pussy, And I’ve Got A Dick,’ …perfect for bedroom sing-a-longs then?  Funny stuff.


9] ‘Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da’ – The intro involves a military snare roll with a Metallica-‘St.Anger’-style guitar ‘clang’ feel. The tempo kick starts with blistering pace, and everything is very busy and the instruments simply ooze with power. A highlight on this is the guitar work that holds the distorted rhythm and long chords together. This one’s hard and dirty and, it’s ready for you to wallow in it. Enjoy!


10] ‘Mehir’ – This one is so very dramatic and dark, but then we’d expect nothing less from a band so celebrated for their theatrics. The track is quite up and down in terms of its tempo. At times it’s calm and melodic, and at times it’s way up in the damn sky. Much more variation is carried through on here. It’s definitely more guitar-orientated than the other songs on the record.


11] ‘Roter Sand’ – It’s a balled for the last track of the album. There’s a strange whistling from Lindemann that really dominates and catches the attention throughout this. The coolest thing about this tune and the thing that makes it our standout is the variety. It sees the group go acoustic once more, with a guitar accompanied by the vocalist’s haunting tones. Also worth noting is the use of French, German and English languages used, as such, it’s pretty exciting.


In summary, this is probably the band’s most eclectic album yet and it sees them exploring a variety of influences, but as mentioned above. It’s pretty exciting and you’re certainly going to dig it. Wicked.


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