Using Body Language to Express Interest in Someone

By March 4, 2022 Blogs, Health

Body language is the language we use without words to express something to ourselves or others. It is sometimes instinctual and happens due to how we’ve observed culture growing up and the people around us.

For some, learning body language is difficult. If you’re someone who experiences social anxiety, or someone who has a more challenging time with social skills, it may not come so naturally to you. When dating, trying to master body language and coming off in the way you want can be challenging.

Here are several ways to use body language to express interest in another person romantically. Use these tips to help you on your next date night.

1. Mirror Their Body Language

One of the top dating and romance tips from experts is to mirror the body language of the person you’re interested in. It subconsciously shows interest, and it can also be used consciously as a tool to show interest in someone romantically.

If you notice your date has some peculiar habits, such as tapping their foot slightly or crossing their arms when they order, try it out as well. When they smile, do they show their teeth? Do they tuck their hair behind their ear every so often?

These small body signals are ways you can connect with your partner on a subconscious level. However, don’t overdo it. Mirroring too much can come off as creepy and may scare them away.

2. Use Affirming and Positive Body Language

If you’re on a date or trying to impress someone you like, make sure your body language shows the positive feelings you have for them, as opposed to any anxiety or stress you may feel.

Some positive signals that you can use in your body include:

  • Winking
  • Smiling when you lock eyes
  • Leaning towards someone
  • Relaxed posture
  • Not slouching
  • Taking up space
  • Eye contact

Basically, allowing your body to help you appear confident and calm is the best way to come off as interested in someone and let them be interested in you.

It’s totally normal to feel anxious, scared, or unsure when in a new relationship or dating situation. In fact, most people do. However, being able to change your body language can be a way of not showing your fear to someone you’re interested in. Even though we all experience fear, people often turn away from what they don’t want to face in themselves.

3. Be Subtle

Remember to be subtle in your body language. There’s no need to show up to your date, baring your teeth in a grimace and holding your posture unnaturally. That’s a sure way to scare someone off for good.

Try a couple of the tips from this article throughout your date and use them every so often when you’re feeling that you might be slipping into a fearful posture or body language. Mirror your partner a few times, in small ways. Don’t mirror them in the exact moment that they’ve made a gesture. Just note what they do and how you can do it too.

Remember to be yourself through all of it, and don’t change yourself for someone else. Our bodies can be a great tool in communication, but they shouldn’t be the only form. You’re someone unique, and your partner will want to see that.

4. Respect Non-Verbal Boundaries

Remember, even body language can’t make someone interested in you who is simply not interested. If someone has continuously told you “no” or is using non-verbal cues to reject you, it’s vital that you listen and stop trying.

Non-verbal boundaries may include:

  • Closed-off posture
  • Pulling away physically
  • Refusing to hold hands, touch, etc.
  • Looking away/lack of eye contact (in some cases)
  • Trying to leave a conversation physically
  • Nervous or shaky behavior
  • Darting eyes around the room

There are many body signals that can mean “no.” You should not continue to pursue something if you’re getting these body signals from someone you’re interested in. Always respect others and listen to verbal cues to see if your feelings are reciprocated. Educate yourself on consent, as it’s vital in every relationship.

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