Which is the Best Time of the Day to Play Online Slots

By September 23, 2021 Bingo, Blogs

Visitors to virtual casinos with slot machines, for the most part, pursue the goal of making money on free spins slots. To do this, they need to choose the correct titles from a massive catalog of games and play at the right time of day. Thus, playing time in an online casino directly impacts the efficiency and profitability of the gaming process.

The Freedom

Online casinos or virtual slot clubs operate around the clock, providing players with complete freedom to choose the time to start a slot session. Each player has their preferences regarding visiting a gambling establishment: some like to gamble in the morning, others might want to spend time at the casino at lunch, and some prefer virtual excitement in the evenings and nights.

The Energy Levels

From our point of view, it is better to choose the time of day at which the player feels as vigorous as possible, full of vitality and energy, to better understand the game and the gambling strategies that work the best for them. 

The feeling of fatigue, moral emptiness, loss of strength will never lead to victory. Under such circumstances, players might get confused with what is going on with the game. They also tend to lose the concept of a win to lose ratio and end up spending way more than what they might have planned for, which can lead to unimaginable stress and a whole lot of worries. Of course, there might be accidents where you might win a few bucks without actually paying attention to the gameplay, but they are just accidents that do not happen very often.

The Must Drops

Some slots tend to drop jackpots daily, meaning that they are built to pay the jackpot when it reaches a certain limit. So look out for such slots and the time of your session accordingly so you can have the best chances of getting the jackpot.

The Weekends

Try to avoid the weekends because it’s the busiest time of the week and online casinos tend to make most of their profits during the last three days of the week. However, avoiding weekend sessions, you might miss out on a lot of casino promotions and bonuses, but as per our experience, it’s better to win than getting a few bonus credits.

The Resets

The slot machines are based on RNG or the Random Number Generators; however, the RNG also follows a particular cycle that resets after a specific period. Seasoned players often claim that the slot tends to pay more right after it resets and that the best time to invest in a slot machine is when its numbers are reinitialized. However, this information is not made available for the players, and you might have to dig deep to know the exact reset time of a slot machine.


The financial result of the gaming process depends not only on choosing the right time of day for visiting an online casino. Many other factors determine the outcome of playing slot machines. For example, it can be the emotional and player’s physical state, mood. 

And well-being that might affect the outcome of a slot session. For example, sitting down for a session in a bad mood, you might get confused and end up spending more of your time and money. In comparison, if you play in high spirits and focus on the game, the big wins will not come in coming.

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