Why do young people like Loud Music?

By Linda Wakka
By December 26, 2022 Blogs

The number of people who listen to music has been increased significantly in the time people spend listening to it, because it is more accessible than ever.

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Many young people and adolescents prefer listening to loud music, as it is a way to draw attention and keep themselves with their own world which they choose out of custom, and traditions and this preference may continue for older age stages.

For many, music means energy, excitement, and pleasure, sometimes it’s able to change our mood when we listen to it at a louder volume for different reasons.

  • Loud music controls the mind, so it can be listened to while driving or automated daily work that does not require focus, but when starting work that needs focus, the listener will find himself stopping loud music, because it controls the senses. That’s why it is recommended by psychologists.

A 2011 study released said that music can trigger a dopamine release when it produces an intensely positive emotional response.

That channel releases the hormone endorphins when it is stimulated by loud music, and endorphins enhance the feeling of comfort and stress relief, the ability to tolerate pain within the human body, so loud music works to relieve stress, and it also works as an alarm, and it can be compared Other stimulants, such as caffeine and exercise, because they increase heart rate and body temperature, so they are used in gyms while exercising.

  • Loud music enhances the senses and activates emotions, and this is reflected in the activity of the nervous system.
  • In addition to being a way of escaping negative emotions and unwanted thoughts, it creates a new auditory space or a positive musical environment that removes the listener from their daily stress.

There is a theory said that loud music has a similar effect to alcohol or drugs, so it may listen to it at times becomes an experience, which releases feelings of euphoria and happiness within the mind.

Why the song is better out loud?

Sometimes songs sound better when played at a loud volume, because there are some pieces of music and songs made up of complex details, which do not appear when playing music at a low volume, because the loud volume allows the listener to pick up the small details easier, and thus the more accurate cognitive assessment of the piece of music.

Do all young people like listening to loud music?

We can go back to the idea of purification through music, because a lot can be known about a person through his musical taste, especially those who prefer loud music, as they may have anti-authoritarian attitudes and a great desire for rebellion, in addition to that loud music enhances the masculine identity, as it is linked Masculinity is associated with activity and danger, as opposed to femininity, which is associated with calm and serenity.

Loud music is also associated with more extroverted people who want to enhance their personal identity in society, while there are those who listen to it because they really enjoy it, regardless of their mood or desire to rebel.

Sometimes emotionally-charged music enhances the listener’s feelings when played at a louder volume, and the images that flow into the mind may become more vivid, repeating the experience of listening to the same music at higher volumes.

However, sometimes it is a signal to something else; when the psychologist asked me if my son listens to loud music to help him focus on his tasks, I said yes. That was one of the obvious symptoms to diagnose him with ADHD. Also, too loud music can cause hearing problems and hearing loss over time, the louder the sound, the quicker it can cause damage.