Why Taking Violin Lessons Is Good for Your Mind and Body

By May 5, 2022 Blogs

Have you been itching to learn how to play a musical instrument? If your answer is yes, please pull your chair a little closer. You have stumbled on an article that will forever change your life. You see, there are tons of benefits to your mind and body you can get by taking violin lessons. Yes, you read that right. You will undergo a transformation that will amaze you.

The annals of history place the violin’s origin in around the year 1550. The earliest makers were Gasparo di Bertolotti and Andrea Amati. You can still find an original Amati violin from 1565 in existence today.

As a musical instrument, the violin speaks of class and sophistication. To produce musical sound requires a level of brain activity that improves functioning. You must memorize different pieces. You do this to translate them into the beautiful sound audiences get to hear. Let’s look at why this is an instrument you may want to consider learning.

  1. You Learn to Be More Assertive

Many people have dreams that never come to fruition. The reason is very simple. They lack the confidence to follow through on what they want. That lack of assertiveness will make you prefer to stay in the background, rather than shine.

And, it is a bigger problem than many people would like to acknowledge. According to Development Academy, 55% of people cite lack of assertiveness as a reason for missing work opportunities. 43% have had to take relevant steps to become more assertive. 18% have managed to achieve this through mentoring opportunities. Another 18% became more assertive through deliberate practicing. 4% took a training course to get the right skills.

Learning how to play the violin can build confidence. Memorizing and translating the pieces provides a feeling of self-worth and pride. As a violin student, you continue to build on your assertiveness as you master the intricacies of the musical instrument. 

The more demands you place on yourself to become better at playing has another effect. And that is in developing perseverance. Individuals who place a high bar on personal expectations are more likely to succeed.

  1. Better Brain Activity

A lot of brain activity goes into any musical training. You must learn how to read and memorize the notes. The direct result is a sharpening of your memory and focusing skills. Studies show the positive effects of musical training and brain development. Children undergoing such tend to have better verbal memory and reading abilities. They also have a better grasp of second language pronunciation. 

Learning music as a child can be a predictor of academic performance and IQ as they grow older. Musicians can better integrate input from various sensors. This is due to faster tactile and auditory reaction times. 

Playing an instrument like the violin provides a complex yet enriching experience. This is due to the combination of touch, vision, hearing, and movement. When all your senses come into play, the brain engagement level is very high. 

And here is where it gets even more interesting. You don’t have to take years and years of musical training to get the benefits. Even brief sessions can have long-lasting impacts.

  1. Physical Benefits

Take a look at violin players. One thing that becomes clear is their rigid posture. There is a certain elegance with which they carry themselves. Indeed they appear almost regal in their bearing. Playing the violin has so many physical benefits. You get better coordination, dexterity, and balance.

As small as the violin is, repeated handling will give you upper body strength. Your body will develop better muscle tone due to constant stimulation. Finally, your endurance levels will be much higher.

Imagine all that without having to spend hours in the gym. Also, don’t forget that you come out of the violin lessons with a skill many will envy at the end of it all.

  1. Mood Elevation

If you remember science class, there is a hormone that goes by the name dopamine. Scientists call dopamine the reward center or feel-good hormone with good reason. It is a neurotransmitter that has some pretty positive effects. Such include better moods, higher attention levels, and better memory. 

The right dopamine balance makes you feel more alert, happier and motivated. Playing music has a relaxing effect which triggers the brain to release dopamine. The sense of achievement in learning to play the violin will further enhance the levels. 

When you come from the lessons, you will notice that your mood is very good. The release you get when concentrating is a fantastic way to fight stress.

  1. Better Social Skills

Music, like art, speaks a universal language. You may find yourself humming a tune from a foreign language. Fact is, you may not even know what the singer is saying. But you love the composition so much, it doesn’t matter. 

Take another example of people at a concert. You don’t care that the person next to you is a total stranger. What is crucial is that you both enjoy the music and connect at that particular point. 

Enrolling in violin lessons will bring you together with other music lovers. You get to socialize and share common interests. That could be the very basis of long-term or lifelong relationships. Research supports the notion that engaging in musical activity can impact social inclusion. The positive impact of musical activity is clear on self-concept, emotional capacity, and social development.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of learning to play the violin are many, as we have highlighted above. The results will be clear to see in your mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being. 

Learning the instrument will give you a boost of confidence. The confidence will translate into other areas of your life. Friends and family will notice a level of assertiveness that you may have lacked before.

The other thing to note is there is no age limit to learning. It is never too late for you to sign up if you have been wishing to know how to play the violin. One day, you could be part of a huge orchestra, playing in front of thousands of adoring fans.