iDestroy talk success, motivations and more

By May 1, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

In our next artist spotlight, we talk to Bristol punks iDestroy

S] How are you guys today?

Bec: Very good thank you! I’ve been feeling in a positive mood all week actually, very excited about the future.

Nic: I’m good thank you, been a tiring week but excited for the future as well!

Jenn: I’m feeling good, it’s exciting to be filling up the calendar with gigs and tours again and there’s a lot to look forward to.

S] How do you define success now? 

Bec: The boundaries of success are forever changing for me. As soon as I achieve one thing, I’ll just come up with another goal. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse… but I know I won’t feel like I’m a success until we’re performing in stadiums. I do try to take a moment and think back to 14 years old me though as I’m sure she would absolutely think I am a success!

Jenn: Success is really hard to define, as it can be so different for different people. I think as long as you are continually progressing, overcoming hardships and achieving your goals then you are successful.

S] How are you feeling now ‘We Are Girls’ is out in the world? 

Bec: Super positive! I was so anxious before the release, I remember having a complete meltdown about a week before the album was due out. The following day Jack Saunders played us on Radio One and that’s when I snapped out of all of the worry and thought hey! I am literally achieving my dreams and goals by putting out this album.
I know a lot of our fans who’ve been with us since day one had been waiting a long time for the album. The feedback we’ve received from them has been amazing, I feel so proud we have created something people enjoy so much.

Nic: I’m so happy that people are finally able to hear it, we have had such wonderful feedback as well! Getting all this incredible support is honestly a dream come true.

Jenn: I am so happy we still managed to release We Are Girls during the pandemic. It has come together so well and I am really pleased with all of the feedback and radio play it has had so far. There are still a couple of songs on the album that we haven’t even had a chance to play live yet before the pandemic hit so I am looking forward to that.

S] What would you say are your biggest challenges as artists now? 

Nic: Booking gigs and actually being able to play them! With the pandemic and brexit I think a lot of bands are in the same boat, wanting to plan future tours is a bit daunting now but all we can do is try our best to plan and see what happens !

Jenn: I agree with Nic, the pandemic has meant that a lot of opportunities have either had to be canceled or postponed and it does make it difficult not knowing whether things are going to go ahead so it is harder to plan and make up for lost time.

S] What’s motivating you outside of music, think people and places, games and movies?

Bec: I have been on a bit of a fitness mission these last couple of months, as well as building a sofa out of pallets and learning about crypto currencies!

Nic: I have also been on the fitness wagon too! I’ve been sticking to a strength training routine and swimming, I’ve just got back from the gym with Jenn actually! We have been building up strength and stamina for the tours which is a nice motivator.

Jenn: My studio got flooded so I have been completely renovating the control room which has been a really fun project to be working on. I also try to do yoga most days and go rock climbing a couple of times a week.