Artist Interview: VHS¥DEATH

By September 18, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

In our latest Band Spotlight interview thing, we chat to Natalie Morbid of VHS¥DEATH about creativity, the importance of visuals and more.

S] How are you today?

Currently, I am sorting some footage for a music video

S] What stuff inspires you outside of music, think specific movies, people and places?

The Virgin Suicides, especially the bath scene for the visual themes of DMT, Celtic and Mexican folklore, banshees, occult and religious ritual iconography aesthetically. Hence, the LP name ‘La Llorona’.

S] What ideas and vibes inspire a track like ‘Elara’?

‘Elara’ was inspired by the deaths of both loved ones, and a relationship, cosmic horror/Lovecraft nothingness and synchronicity. ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ was also very inspiring at the time of writing it.

S] How do you define success?

To me, success is only truly defined in the legacy you leave, an the lives you touch when you’re gone. Everything else is just ego

S] What about happiness?

To quote the Quran “happiness is the ‘enjoyment’ of delusion…”

S] How important is image in the work that you do?

Visuals are very important in the process of creating. I’ve always been a visual thinker when it comes to formulating concepts, an emotions, as an artist, it is an effective tool for conveying universal themes of human emotions an experiences.

S] What are the greatest challenges taking what you do out live?

When it comes to live shows, I was a ‘Spooky Kid’ growing up and followed the glam rock ethos of giving the audience a show. Performance art an improvisation are what inspires me, keeping the audience guessing, and present in the moment. Obviously the downside is spontaneity leaves space for technical errors, and sometimes looks of confusion from the crowd. I get worried if people are too enthusiastic anyway.

S] If you could rip the soundtrack out of any film that you love, and replace it with your own music – what film would you pick, and why?

Blade Runner, the dystopian landscape and robotic control of society seems fitting right now, plus it fits the mood of the soundtrack I’d be inspired to make at the moment.

S] Thanks for your time!