Artist Spotlight: Ravvel + Poltrock

By May 28, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

We got to catch-up with Ravvel + Poltrock as part of our latest artist spotlight to talk new inspirations during lockdown.

Hi guys, how are you doing?

David] Great, thanks. The international lockdown kind of disturbed our plans to conquer the world with melancholic and stripped-down music but the sun is shining and there’s obviously a lot of people worse off than us so we count our blessings.

Nina] Conquering the world will have to wait. But we’re healthy and safe, that’s the most important thing.

How did this collaboration come about at first?

David] We met on tour with Belgian band Hooverphonic. I’d been playing with them for years and Nina joined as a singer in 2016. We got along really well and decided to do some writing together. Nina had been releasing stuff under the RAVVEL moniker and I had released three solo albums in 2018. Somehow our joined efforts sounded like the perfect symbiosis of both our universes.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing at the moment?

Nina] The uncertainty of what the future holds. Seeing how a lot of our fellow musicians are struggling because of this crisis and not knowing when our industry will overcome the difficulties created by the measures that were taken, can get quite overwhelming. It’s a matter of staying positive.

David] That’s right. We were hoping to release a couple of new tracks this fall, and our booking agent had just begun to start booking gigs for spring 2021, when our first EP is due. But all of this, the release, the gigs and other opportunities are obviously at risk now. It’s quite a challenge to be resourceful and stay hopeful for the future.

What is motivating you outside of music at the moment – think specific people and places?

Nina] Recently I started painting again and during this lockdown I picked up a new hobby: woodworking. Although I think ‘attempting to repurpose old scraps of wood’ is maybe a more suitable description. It really calms me down. Messing around in my workshop with some Julie London or Billie Holiday in the background is my perfect way to get inspired.

What are your major goals after lockdown?

David] Meeting friends and family again would be nice. And I would desperately like to continue writing with my buddy Nina again! There’s a lot of good music still to be made and we’re anxious to discover other aspects of our musical collaboration.

Nina] Exactly! Visiting family, hugging friends, creating new music and building more crooked coffee tables. You’ll be hearing from us again very soon.