Video Interview: We Are The Ocean

By Mike Leigh Cooper
By February 25, 2013 October 10th, 2016 Features, Interviews, Videos, Videos Of The Week

In this special audio/video combo interview, we chat to Liam Cromby (vocals) and Jack Spence (bass) of We Are The Ocean about touring and plans for new material in 2013.

We Are The Ocean

“‘With ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’, we found our sound”

S] What are the plans you’ve got for the rest of this year?

L] “We’re going back to Europe. As many places as we’ve been before really. We really just want to keep as busy as possible. We were in America last year, and so we’d like to go back there. It’s an exciting time for us now. Also, we’ve got festivals coming up here in the UK, so that should be great. Obviously, we’re going to be looking ahead to recording another album too which is exciting.”

S] How do you look back on the success of ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ last year and what that did for your career?

L] “I think we just feel very proud. I think that this album has been our most successful to-date, and I think now, that we have “cracked” our sound, and from here on out, we know where we want to go.”

T] “Yeah, I think that we will definitely look back on the album as the one where we found the sound that we have been aiming for. We worked on it for about three years, constantly re-writing stuff, so it’s nice to know that it’s all worth it!”

As a successful band in 2013, what would you say that your biggest challenges are?

L] “I think that our biggest challenge, really, because we’ve been lucky enough to gain a decent following in a number of places, is to maintain that. The UK and Europe is easy enough, we think, but with America, we need to be smart about when we go back there. It’s expensive to tour America, so when we do it again, we’ve got to do it right!”

And now, for some video…yeah!

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