Backxwash on inspirations, reflections in lockdown and gender identity

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By October 27, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

Genre-defying sample rapper, Ashanti Mutinta drops by to talk lockdown inspirations, reflections in lockdown and tips for young people struggling with gender identity.

S] Hello! Thank you so much for your time! How are you today?

BW] Hello, I’m doing very well thank you. It is cold but love it regardless.

S] What would you say your biggest challenges are as an artist at the moment, aside from the pandemic?

BW] Staying inspired through the madness can be very difficult and trying to get through that hurdle is harder

S] What does success mean to you? 

BW] Making the type of music that you want and having the freedom to do that.

S] I love your visuals/aesthetic on videos like ‘Don’t Come To The Woods’, how important is that aspect for you?

BW] Very important since they are an important part of the stories being told.

S] You just released the ‘Stigmata’ EP – how did that push you in new ways as an artist?

BW] Yes, the ‘Stigmata EP’ was me trying to create more complex drum percussions, and that was something I have always wanted to do.

S] Now it’s been out for a while, how do you look at ‘God Has Nothing to do with this…’ and its success?

BW] It’s remarkable, as I never expected any of this as someone putting out music into the void and independently.

S] You’ve mentioned that record was about forgiveness, and your version of it, do you feel that more now, for yourself and others?

BW] I think this is something I am still figuring out. Forgiveness as a concept is very vague.

S] I get to work with a lot of young people who are trying to understand themselves more, and find their place in the world (some are trans, some gender-neutral for example) – would you mind if I asked for a few bits of advice and tips?

BW] Absolutely, I would say finding community is very important and don’t come out unless you are ready to. Safety is also important to you.

S] What is motivating you outside of music, think specific people, places or movies for example?

BW] I would say experiences mostly!

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