Blood Dope Honey talk about the future, returning to live music and new material

By September 3, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

S] How are you guys doing?

All things considered, we’re pretty good. The last 18 months have been an absolute slog and to get to this point and still have a handle on your sanity is all I could ask for really.

S] What have you got planned coming up?

We’ve got a home town show at a small 55 cap cellar club coming up in October which we’re really looking forward to! It should be a good one to blow the cobwebs off and get back into the swing of things with some familiar faces. We will be recording an EP in the next couple of months and hopefully that’ll be ready to come out in the New Year.

S] You released ‘Lost Control’ in 2019, and it was a banger – what have you been up to since then?

Earlier on in 2019 we parted ways with our bassist, so me and Jamie (Drums) decided to have a go at writing and recording as a 2-piece for a while to see what we could come up with. That was when we recorded ‘Lost Control.’ After we released it, we were rehearsing a lot and in the process of sorting our live set, but it just wasn’t hitting as hard as we wanted. No matter what I tried with my rig or how many amps I used! The stuff we were writing just didn’t suit that format, so we decided to get back to a 3-piece and hunt down a bass player. Chris (Bass) joined us in early 2020 and our first show was booked in for April, but Covid hit and we’ve been on hiatus pretty much since then which was a real shame because we felt like we were just gaining some traction. But, Now we’re back to it!

S] How do you define success as an artist?

Honestly, if you’re creating something, music, art, whatever, and can take a step back and listen or look at it and feel good about what you’ve done or it’s helped you in some way, that’s success to me. It’s always cool when other people enjoy it too, and that is kind of the aim when you release these creations into the public arena, but personally I measure my success as an artist in its ability to keep me grounded.

S] What is your message to those who have been, and will continue to support you?

To those that have supported us and come out to shows over the years and still engage with what we’re doing, we wanna say a massive thanks, because you guys really are a patient bunch! We are very aware that there have been some false starts and long quiet stretches, but we are really stoked about how things are progressing at the minute and can’t wait to get back out there and show you what’s new with BDH \m/

S] Cheers!