Bloodbather’s Salem Vex on influences, inspirations and more…

By July 29, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

In our next artist spotlight, we chat to Bloodbather guitarist Salem Vex about music, and new inspirations.

S] What ideas inspired ‘Void’?

Void was inspired by a lot 90s industrial songs instrumentally as well as mixes of early deathcore.

S] What motivates you guys outside of music now, think movies, art, games etc?

Movies and books are my motivation at the moment, currently reading a lot of Neitzche.

S] What would you say your biggest challenges as artists are at the moment? 

Keeping fans as interested as they were when we were playing shows/touring…

S] What does ‘Pressure’ mean to you now? 

A great start, a learning experience and huge moment of growth.

S] How do you define success?

Success is ever-changing to me, I think success is defined by making a goal and constantly pushing it higher and higher.