CLT DRP on Bad Pond Live, success and surviving lockdown

By December 15, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

In our next Band Interview, we chat to Scott Reynolds of the mega CLT DRP.


S] How are you doing today? 

I’ve had breakfast and cleaned the house so I think we’re on to a winner!

S] What does ‘Without The Eyes’ mean to you now it’s been out a little while?

I’ve kinda of forgotten about it now if I’m honest. We would usually have been gigging and touring it but without that, we’re just focusing on writing new stuff. We’ve got a rehearsal coming up for the Bad Pond Live stream so we’ll be playing back through all the songs for that. I’m sure that will get us all buzzing about it again!

S] How have you been staying motivated in lockdown? 

Watching David Goggins videos 24/7… If you’ve not heard of him go check him out. Basically getting out and exercising when I don’t want to… usually sets my state of mind up to be much more positive. Trying to avoid focusing on what could have been and more on what you have.

S] What does success mean to you as a band now? 

To play some normal not socially distanced shows. That’s success universally i guess, cos to get to that point would mean that COVID is not a fatal threat anymore. If we could all earn minimum wage… well enough to cover our bills etc just from the band… think that would be success. And to be able to sell out a grassroots venue anywhere in the world.

S] How much influence do you take from your local scene in Brighton?  

I don’t think we take directly from any bands locally when it comes to our sound or writing process, but there’s a definite vibe and energy that rubs off on us from being surrounded by such great calibre of bands. I think it’s fair to say though that the Brighton music scene is quite varied. There’s not one particular sound that is dominant. I mean off the top of my head now, I could name Libralibra, Beach Riot, Arxx, Ditz, Intechnicolour and Gurf… all banging… all sound well different. I think there’s a cool thing in Brighton where we embrace our different sounds and all still play together.

S] How are you looking forward to Bad Pond Live?

I’m waking up every morning, looking at the line up and imagining what it will be like seeing these bands play live. Imagining driving to Ooosh Tours, setting my gear up and playing.

S] Anything you wanna say to the people who have supported CLT DRP over lockdown, and will be checking you guys out at BPL? 

Thank you for the support and we can’t wait to be able to perform to you live one day again. We hope the BPL stream is able to fill a certain void that the lack of live shows has created this year. `

S] Thanks for your time!