Five Minutes With…Combichrist

By January 9, 2009 May 11th, 2013 Features

Combichrist are one of Norway’s biggest electronic exports and they have had a busy 2008 working on their new album, playing with some of the North of England’s favourite Industrialists and planning a world tour. SPHERE has managed to grab frontman Andy LaPleguas’ attention for a few minutes in the midst of all their productivity to ask him about their support, band relationships and pyrotechnics…

“This is the most complete Combichrist has ever sounded”

After working so hard for the last year Combichrist are enjoying playing live and interacting with their fans more than ever, with Andy agreeing that this is the strongest the group have ever been and with their new album ‘Today, We Are All Demons’ being released this month, this is the beginning of a new era for the adrenaline-fuelled Scandanavian and his band who are about to take on the world again with their pulsating and anthemic dark-electro for the masses. “This is the most complete that Combichrist has ever sounded”, said Andy, TWAAD is “my most personal album to date and it definitely sums up a lot of my feelings and a lot of my life experiences during the past two years…I got to include everything that I wanted to without jeopardizing the integrity of the band or the music.” Speaking of integrity, he joked that each member avoids the others as much as possible while not on tour, but explains “you’d imagine there would be a lot of drama and problems. Fortunately, over the years, I’ve learned from experience how to choose the right people and today’s line-up and crew is like a big family so whenever we have days off or time between tours we enjoy hanging out with each other as friends.”

Recently it has been said that the group’s sound is able to inspire people to do more than just dance but to cope with adversity and while this may be a positive side effect of the music, Andy has different ideas for this new album. “In one sense I would rather (new listeners) don’t spend too much time thinking about the album rather than enjoying the music and finding inspiration from how it makes them feel. For me the process of writing music has always been half-truth and half-fiction so anyone taking inspiration from the lyrics should recognize this”.



When asked about their ever growing fan base in the North of England, Andy remarked on the tight network within the darker alternative scene, “People are so dedicated… It seems like whenever we come back the friends we made last time bring all of their friends and our circle just expands”, he also noticed one of our major weaknesses “[laughing] people seem to think that they can out-drink us and inevitably, they always fail… miserably!” It sounds like he’s up for a challenge though!

Whilst they are obviously excited to come back to us with some new material and a solid line-up in 09, Andy assured us that despite the band’s major growth in popularity this past year, no changes will be made in terms of their attitude towards performing live – “we always put our production time into the performance rather than into being an over-glammed circus at with pyrotechnics”. Clearly, for Combichrist it is about the music and the raw energy created when playing live to masses of people who reflect that desire and passion right back.

The new album ‘Today, We Are All Demons’ is out Jan 20 and Combichrist will be touring the UK this summer. Confirmed dates for the North of England in May are: The Corporation, Sheffield (23), The Independent, Newcastle (25).

For more information please visit the band’s Myspace and website.