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Jaymie Valentine’s intriguing mix of Darkwave, Industrial and rock music created as Cindergarden has been a fixture on the underground scene in the States for a few years now, having released three well received albums and gained a powerful reputation since her 06 debut, the future is looking very promising. With new label backing, and fresh new material in the works Cindergarden is looking to step out of the shadows once more. We caught up with Jaymie to have a quick natter about the future of her enchanting project.

“Singing always just felt right, even when nothing else did”

S] To what extent does Cindergarden represent the dark side or an alter-ego of Jaymie Valentine?

J] I am very heavily involved in the yoga community and sometimes when I am at the studio I think it’s funny that most of the people there don’t know about the art I make. I will probably always be interested in dark artistic expressions [pause] maybe I feel there is a balance there.

S] Why did you set up ‘Looking Glass Recordings’ originally – do you feel like you achieved what you set out to?

J] Looking Glass Records was created to release my first full length album as Cindergarden. I have had two other releases since then but being a limited resource I was not able to give them the proper funding a label should be able to provide and have only released them as digital copies. Still, I certainly wouldn’t consider it a failure. In a lot of ways I achieved more than expected in such a short amount of time.

S] What kind of opportunities are you looking forward to now that you are working with MachineKUNT Records?

J] I am definitely looking forward to working Rachel Haywire, owner of machineKUNT. Our overall values seem to align and we are both very driven which means that anything is possible. I am also looking forward to being able to release hard copies once again.

S] Obviously it is difficult enough to tour internationally for mainstream artists, do you see a UK tour in the near future with Cindergarden or System Syn – are there any UK acts you are fond of right now?

J] Oh yes, touring can be difficult. After my experience touring with System Syn, I learned that conditions must be right for me to do it again in any case. In answer to the second part of your question, I also love the UK powered dubstep.

S] Will there be any guest spots on your next material within this new year as a result of your new relationship with MachineKUNT?  

J] There will be some guest appearances but I am not telling who, what or where just yet.

S] How will the themes of your next work differ from the conceptual elements of ‘The Clandestine Experiment’ and can you tell us about some of the experiences that you have had lately that may appear on newer material?

J] Recently, I have been attending a lot of electronic parties that showcase a variety of dark, experimental derivatives of rave music such as breakcore, hardcore, and dubstep. It’s possible for anything to show up in the future, but it isn’t easy to say what will have the strongest influence until you’ve made something and are able to see a reflection. The themes will certainly be different although you’ll just have to wait to find out what they are.

S] Can you tell us what you are most looking forward to in the New Year and any musical (or not) projects outside of Cindergarden that you maybe working on?

J] Oh yes. I am very excited about my real garden that is going to be filled with herbs and spices!

S] KatieJane Garside of QueenAdreena told us that, to “find her voice” when she first began making music she went somewhere secluded and just shouted until it felt right to her – how did you find your voice?

J] When I was a little girl, I used to lock myself in my room and sing along to records. I didn’t want anyone to hear me because I was super shy, so my family would listen at the door without my knowing. Singing always just felt right, even when nothing else did.

S] You have a very strong Victorian visual element; will there be an opportunity for you to explore that using video or expanding the live show in the New Year?

J] There is a video in the works tight now as a matter of fact. However, I don’t feel chained to any one particular visual style in order to tell the story.

S] Do you have something that you would like to say to international fans?

J] Thank you all for the incredible support, it means a great deal to me.

For more information visit the Cindergarden Myspace and the MachineKUNT website.

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