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Acey Slade is about to bring his sleaze-infested glam-rock epic to the UK and we wanted to catch up with the man to discuss his musical past with the Murderdolls and Trashlight Vision alongside some new beginnings and the future of his solo project. Come on in and enjoy the debauchery…

“Dark, Pop, Electronics, Guitars…it’s a Dark Party”

S] What made you move into a more electronic direction with your new material?

A] My last band, Trashlight Vision was very three chords, neck tattooed, Jack Daniels rock n roll. While I loved it, it’s also limiting. No project I have ever been in has been like the one before it, so I really wanted to stretch out and try something new. I listen to a lot of music and wanted to embrace my more electronic side this time. Besides, you have artists experimenting with new styles all the time now. Whether it’s AFI with Blacq Audio, Rancid with the Transplants or working with Pink and you also have Combichrist with Scandinavian Cock. Rockers wanna dance, and dancers wanna rock. That’s what this is all about.

S] Can you explain the original thoughts that you had behind the concept for this upcoming UK tour – The BurlAce Beauties and Leg Show Revue?

A] Yeah, I’m tired of paying a lot of money to see a show where the bands just set up and play and there isn’t much going on other than that. I wanted to have a night that both guys and girls would have a great time! Where there would be things happening the whole night! Whether you leave liking my band or not, I want you to leave feeling entertained and thinking that you got your moneys worth.

S] You have played everywhere in the UK with previous acts from Hull to London – can you tell us about two of your greatest memories when touring the UK in the past?

A] Well, quite honestly, the last Murderdolls gig at Brixton is hard to top. I kept looking down the back ally lined with kids dressed to the nine’s. It felt like Velvet Goldmine.

S] Do you have a favourite place to visit when you are over here, and why?

A] Always Decadance in London for…well the decadence. Last time Shuff made me a Chilean sea bass that was out of this world (laughs). I love Edinburgh too. You can just get lost in fantasy there.

S] How have you found it adapting to working with bands like His Mighty Robot when you are producing – is it a challenge to put yourself in the mindset to work with bands with a more progressive style?

A] No, it’s awesome! I’m not a progressive player, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect or envy those who can play it. That’s the great part about producing. I don’t have to be in the band, I can hang out in the rehearsal room and help on the writing side with musicians who can or would play things I never would play. It was the same with Billy Liar. I can’t play acoustic, but I sure know how to help someone record some great songs, even if they are unsure.

S] As much as you can, can you tell us what or who inspired the lyrics on the track ‘She Brings Down The Moon’ for you?

A] It’s about watching someone close to you suffer. There’s all these beautiful but suffering souls in the world and I wanted something that would give them solace.

S] Obviously you have made music with some great bands so in as much detail as you can, will you tell us what you would like to achieve with your solo outfit?

A] I want to enjoy expressing myself. music that’s for music’s sake. The beauty to being solo is that I can change from album to album and have a blast with it! I’m getting back to why I started in music in the first place! To express myself creatively.

S] With the surprisingly introspective songs that we have heard so far, what themes and ideas inspired you to create your debut album – ‘The Dark Party’?

A] Well the idea for the band, and the album was this: I went to a VIP ‘A’ List nightclub. At first I hated it and I was passing judgement on everyone. But, the fact is that everyone was having a great time, but me! So, I wanted a soundtrack to a club where people who I like and who I would hang out with could cut loose and have a good time. Dark, Pop, Electronics, Guitars…it’s a Dark Party!

S] Can you tell us about the song on the record that you are most proud of and why?

A] ‘She Brings Down The Moon’ because I was always afraid to show that side of me as an artist and now that it’s out there, I’m so proud of it.

S] Are you working with any other bands this year and what other projects can you tell us about that you are looking forward to working on?

A] I just cut some guitars for Imperative Reaction. I was supposed to fill in on guitar for my old band Dope due to some scheduling conflicts, but it worked it self out. Again, the cool thing about being solo is the freedom. And the guys in my band have it too. They are all talented players who should shine on their own.

S] The remixes from ‘Sex, Murder, Art, Baby’ sound wicked – will you be getting any more guests to contribute mixes in the near future that you can tell us about?

A] Yes! I have some done already. One by Speedranch, another by Night Kills The Day, and I’m going to be posting a track on line where the fans can make their own Re-mix. The best one will be on the next EP. Again, it’s the Dark Party and everyone is admitted!

S] Obviously some of the debauchery seen in the Murderdolls and Trashlight Vision will be with you within your live show, what are the things you miss most about working with those bands?

A] With Murderdolls I miss the standard of touring that we became accustomed to (laughs). With Trashlight Vision We were like brothers. I miss the camaraderie, but as with brothers, you fight a lot too. I don’t miss that.

S] Can you tell us about your favourite place to write, and why it is so?

A] Easy. Edinburgh (UK) and New Orleans, both are magical, magical places where I can get lost in my notebook and walk around finding cafes to write in. For playing, London is always great and so is Manchester. I love Japan the most maybe.

S] We know that you are excited but what is your message to UK fans who have supported you and want to come out to see you on the upcoming tour?

A] Thank you a million times over! I hope to see you on the ‘BurlAce Beauty and Leg Show Review’ tour.

For more information visit the band’s Myspace and website.

Whet your appetite and check out this video from Acey’s recent tour in the States:

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