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Recently we had the opportunity to share words with (hed) Planet Earth’s outspoken frontman Jahred. We spoke about themes and ideas behind the band’s past and present work and talked about how the music and message will be progressing next year…


“This is our time. This is our day”

S] Hi Jahred, can you tell us your biggest plans for the rest of this year regarding the band?

J] We are on the road with Insane Clown Posse until Christmas pretty much, which is killer, because they are massive. It gives us a chance to get around the whole country and get in touch with the youth.

S] When will you guys be coming back to the UK?

J] I believe we will be back in March or April 2010. We can’t wait. We love the UK, and have a great time whenever we are there. Not to mention I love English food. Steak and Ale pie for sure. I even came home and downloaded a recipe and make it. It actually came out quite good.

S] We’ve heard some tales of debauchery from your previous stops over here – What do you enjoy most about playing in the UK?

J] Well definitely don’t believe everything you hear. You know how rumours can be. We just love the youth everywhere we go. There are so many things in common all over the world. It is nice to know that there is a simmering underground scene in the UK, so we are happy to be a part of that. It is nice to travel and find out how other people think. As Americans, it is important for us to remember that we are just one small country on a beautifully big planet.

S] If you could sit down for dinner with any person (celebrity, friend, politician or any one), and listen to the last record, ‘New World Orphans’, who would you pick and why would you pick them?

J] I would definitely President Obama. I would love to hear his take on some of the lyrics. I am a big fan of this President. He gave me hope at a time when I was concentrating on the negative way too much. He is brilliant, and I’m sure his comments would inspire a whole new fucking album!

S] Can you tell us what inspired the single, ‘Renegade’ – it sounds like an anthem for alternative kids, was that the intention?

J] The word Renegade itself was constantly being used in this book I was reading ‘Family Of Light’ by Barbara Marciniak. She referred to ‘Renegades’ or ‘Systems Busters’. Those of us who come to the planet to expose and bring down dysfunctional systems. So, the song is written about alternative kids in a way – people who go against the grain and try to lift the veil and see things that are not common knowledge.

S] In the decade you guys have been around we know you’ve always been anti-industry, but how has your opinion about (Hed)P.E’s place within music, changed over the years?

J] Well, honestly in the 90s, when we first started, we were mostly a party band, kind of a Beastie Boys thing. When we left the so-called big industry and went independent and underground, we embraced our role as the Leaders of The Truth Movement. But, for 2010, we are going to be Leaders of The Love Movement. Because truth without love isn’t worth a s*it. There was a point around 2003, where I said to myself that I wanted my music to be about something. Not just songs. More than music.

S] On to new music, obviously your music is always politically-charged but how will you be moving forward sound-wise on new material?

J] There won’t be a revolution. There will be an evolution. Our sound will evolve. It will stay hard as fu*k. Our message will evolve. I will try to wake people up to the power they possess. People need to realise the New World Order are powerless, but for the power we give them. Important or us to use our time to magnify love and hope and peace and positivity.

S] Are ideas forming for new themes too, what can you tell us about any new material that could be in the works and how will we see a progression from the concepts on ‘New World Orphans’?

J] Sure. Like I was saying, the next album will be more about what we can do, and not what they are doing. I want to be part of the solution. I don’t want to be part of the problem. And the problem is that people need to realise the complexity of the world. Not over simplify things. These are the topics I will cover on the new album. I believe the title will be: 2010: Truth Rising

S] The band has never short on words, so Jahred, what’s the message for your fans as we approach 2010?

J] My message is one of love and concentration. We’re focusing on the positive vibrations of love, hope and peace and visualizing a beautiful new world. A world of free energy. A world where our elected leaders grow up and forge a new world order that is beautiful and giving. The days of greed are over. The days of the corporations owning the people are done. This is our time. This is our day.

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