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New York City based four-piece His Mighty Robot are the real alternative. They are able to blend elements of progressive rock, indie and electronic music in ways that will make you sit up and take notice demanding that you listen. Raw emotion and unrivalled passion form the backbone of this relevant and intriguing outfit that has stood the test of time since its formation six years ago. Co-founder Soda chats to SPHERE about the highs and lows on the rollercoaster ride of HMR.

“We just want it to be real. We do what we do and anything can happen”

S] Can you tell us a little bit about the evolution of HMR over the past few years? How has His Mighty Robot as a concept and a band progressed since your creation up until now in 09′?

Soda] The evolution? [pause] it always continues to grow. Our history is kind of like a meadow of mountains. Tons of up and downs. I am ecstatic to say that HMR still pushes it’s way through the mania that is our band and that surrounds it. Over the past year though we have never sounded better. Things are going great. When George [drums] and Mike [bass] joined last September we were really able to advance the band to an awesome stage. They are amazing. HMR as a concept? There really is no “concept” to the band we just want it to be real. We do what we do and anything can happen. We want to deliver straight up shit to people. The world of music is in a rut right now. When I think of bands that mean a lot to me, that’s what I strive to deliver. I think we all feel that way.
S] How will this new record be different themeatically from your last efforts, with Acey Slade and Virus at the helm, is it an arguable point to assume that things will be less driven by emotion or personal experience and, a little more ‘angry’?

Soda] Those guys are awesome, and they don’t have any intentions on changing what we do. They just want us to make the best record we can. We are all putting our heads together and pushing the songs we have planned for the record to their best point. I can’t say it will be angrier. It’s going to be heavier. But that has nothing to do with them. It’s just where we are at right now. And I can’t be happier. I think listeners will be pretty jazzed. This band continues to grow and just strives to make something really special out of it.


S] How did the band first hook up with Acey Slade, and how did he react when he heard your early work? 
Soda] I had known Acey a bit just by being around, you know? We weren’t buds or anything but we knew each other a bit. We talked, and he wanted to get involved and we slowly got into it and now we are full swing. His reaction to what we do was great. It’s a great challenge for all of us. He knew when we came in that we weren’t just some average band. 
S] How have you and H-Rocker developed as people over the time HMR has been around, how does your relationship affect the music you create – can you give specific song examples?
Soda] Myself and H, have a vast dedication to this project. And there are always haters. This project turns six on New Years Day. Six years is a lot in a persons life. You just have to keep treading water. We have a good relationship and we know how to work with each other. So it’s great to have a partner in crime like that. There are songs on the new record that get very personal, maybe some of the most personal ones we have ever done. I pour my heart out lyrically more than ever on some of these. I can’t give too much away though. But I promise you when you hear it [pause] you’ll feel it too.
S] Do you have plans to come to the UK, have you had words with anyone about the possibility? 
Soda] We want to, of course. It’s hard financially to do that though. But damnit, I want to bring this shit over some water. I think the UK would really welcome us [pause] maybe that’s where huge success for HMR waits. We’ll see as we continue to lay our path.
S] What are you guys looking forward to most as we head into 09′ – What are HMR’s main goals?
Soda] I’m looking forward to having this record out and then I’m looking forward to pushing it as far as it will go. The band is ready. And on a side note I’m also having a book published in the Spring/Summer. So…I’ve got my plate full and I’m ready to eat!
S] One thing that strikes us, is often people wonder why you are such fans of small intimate and acoustic shows – often rock acts shy away from this challenge?
Soda] We love to play [pause] and it’s not that we want to do as many stripped down shows as we have, it’s just the way it was for a while when it was just myself and H. But in turn we do love doing these gigs because it is a bit of a challenge and the intimacy is great. But it really just makes us a better band. I am happy to be able to present this band in so many different ways. I think it keeps every door open and says something about us. To be in a band as eclectic and free as this is really what I imagine most people would want. We don’t paint ourselves into a corner.

S] You have been through many challenging times as a band, can you tell us what the worst period has been for you guys and how it has helped HMR progress and flourish?
Soda] It has been a rocky road, yes. But it is okay. We have proved that we are fighters. I don’t want to single any specific moment out but the member changes were always daunting. We’ve had to reshape this thing so many times, but that is why I think we are as eclectic as we are. It’s like a stallion with no reigns, a majestic beast free to roam. What doesn’t kill us will, and has only made us stronger.
S] What about your defining moment, the moment that makes you believe that despite all the line-up changes and set backs, that you are meant to do this?
Soda] I’ve been in a full time band for over half of my life and turning out legit records at a young age. It’s my therapy. It’s part of the reason why I stay sane. We have had success and we have had really shitty experiences. Any band will tell you that. But not everyone continues to push forward. I’m sure people wonder how the fuck I still push on. It’s just dedication. I believe in the art that I make and what I have to say and offer, if I ever stop believing then that’s when I’ll be done. At that point what I do would just be empty and I’d not only be fooling myself but everyone else that bothered to pay attention. And I could never do that.
S] When are you hoping for the new CD to be released, and will it be DIY like your other outings or will you finally be supported by a label?
Soda] The new album will see the light I think In Spring or Summer. It will be an independent release. No label, no agent, no nothing. I take care of all the business and booking. Mike helps me maintain our website. It’s tough. I’d love to work with someone on the business end especially. But I’m happy to say every pinch of success we have had is because I have busted my ass to make this noise heard.
S] You are putting a new site up on new years, and making many new changes – is 09 a new era for HMR, if so can you elaborate?
Soda] It’s not a new era. It’s just a continuation. The last two years have been very good for us. We want to keep up the momentum. I have high hopes for the new record though, we all do. And the new site will indeed be up soon. It looks great, we’ve spent a lot of time on it. And thank you for caring about the project. Thanks to everyone who gives a damn. This is for us. 
For more information, check out the band’s Myspace and website.

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