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As The 69 Eyes release their‘Goth N’Roll’ box-set into the world ready for a very black Christmas, we manage to catch up with vocalist Jryki 69 for a few words about plans for the new album and the new year..

The 69 eyes

“It’s all rock n’ roll to me, but rockin’ in my way has to be kinky”

S] Will the new album scheduled for next year see a massive change in direction for the band, can you elaborate if so and what kind of concepts you will be exploring?

J69] Oh yeah, I hope so. MORE BLOOD & SHARPER FANGS!

S] Given your many contacts, will there be any guest spots on the new record?

J69] Maybe Dani Filth.


S] Any concept ideas for the new record?

J69] Fuck yeah! The new album’s gonna be all about the vampires!

S] What has been the band’s best experiences whilst on tour in the UK?

J69] There’s always cool parties. Nottingham especially is always a good one.

S] The 69 Eyes have been together for so long, so what keeps you inspired to keep going now? – what makes you tick as a unit?

J69] We’re just old drinking buddies. Our friendship comes first. If we have a guitar we will travel!

S] Way back, what made you decide to root your sound within the Goth genre, and what keeps you interested in the genre now as we head into 09 – will there be a Goth scene resurgence worldwide?

J69] I don’t see much difference between Goth and Glam. It’s all rock’n’roll to me but rockin’ in my way has to be kinky – that’s why it’s still interesting to me!

S] What things will The 69 Eyes NOT be able to live without when they you come on tour?

J69] Sunglasses, leather jackets and toothbrushes.

S] When do you plan to return to the UK to tour, can you tell us whether you will be doing some headlining shows over here next year?

J69] We will play at The Electric Ballroom in London in early March 09 – see you guys there! Then we will return as soon as our album’s ready, hopefully for some summer festivals.

The box-set ‘Goth N’Roll’ is out now. For more information check out the Myspace and Website.

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