Idle Lies on their creative inspirations

By July 8, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

Nice chill with alt-rockers, Idle Lies here!

S] How are you guys today?

We’re great thank you! How are you?

S] What would you say that your biggest challenges as artists now, outside of Covid?

Probably staying motivated to put all the work in without the payoff of a live show. I know that’s sort of still Covid but gigs are why we started this band and have always felt like they make putting the effort in worth it, so to have over a year without being part of a live music scene has been tough, but hopefully, that’s coming to an end now and we’ll start to get that reward of performing our music in front of people again! Either that or understanding music publishing, been trying to learn that for years and still have no idea

S] How do you define success?

Just being happy and fulfilled that the band and our music is reaching it’s full potential, whatever that ends up being.

S] What inspires you creatively, outside of music – think people and places for example?

Other people’s stories and lives are probably the biggest inspiration. I find more inspiration looking at what friends and family are going through and the decisions they make than I do look at my own life, because there just seems to be that extra clarity when you’re not the one making the decisions and you’re not caught up in whatever’s happening. Being in new places I also find quite inspiring, and a lot of songs and lyric ideas seem to come just from being somewhere new.