Interview: CLT DRP

By July 21, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

In our latest Band Interview, we chat to Annie Dorrett of CLT DRP about music, and inspirations.

S] How are you doing today?

Hey there, we are doing okay, all things considering!

S] What is your mission statement and how has it changed and developed over your time as a band? 

I mean, the band started out as a university assessment and now we are releasing our debut album in August, so that was unexpected..

S] What are your biggest challenges as artists now?

Right this minute, I think our biggest challenge is figuring out how to keep the BLM movement afloat, and how to balance promoting our own music alongside any kind of activism. There’s so many great and uncomfortable conversations that artists are having right now but it’s important that we have them because going back to ‘normal’ isn’t really an option. If there was a time to fight for change it should be now.

S] Talk us through two of your favourite moments in recording the new album? 

We had a funny moment recording some noises for ‘zoom 20′ where we blew up a load of balloons and filled the live room with them. They sounded pretty disgusting…

For ‘Seesaw’ we wanted to have a kids voice on the breakdown and we managed to get the daughter (Thalia Rose Day) of one of the guys that rehearsed at the studio to come down. It was an awesome moment all round, Thaila absolutely nailed the parts and we were really vibing off of her excitement being in the studio too.

S] Talk us through the ideas behind ‘I Kill For Nothing’?

It’s kind of the ballad of the album, you could say. It’s a self reflective number about the parts of ourselves we hate and the effect it has on the people and the world around us.

S] What does success mean to you?

Having healthy relationships, being in a position where I’m able to create and perform music. Having the luxury of eating well each day. Having a house… All the simple things really.

S] What about happiness?

I guess everything that was mentioned in the previous question applies to this. Trying to keep a healthy balance with alcohol. If I drink less I’m able to cope with the stresses and demands of my life better.

S] Thanks for your time today!

Thank you!

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