Interview: Filter [2016]

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Here’s our latest catch-up with Filter main-man, Richard Patrick – here, we talk ‘Crazy Eyes’, Nine Inch Nails and more…

filter 2016


S] The new record is amazing, how do you feel you’ve progressed (personally, more than anything) over the years from Short Bus, until now?

R] “Well.. I try to have way more fun. Making records use to be scary and now I try to make them sound scary and intense but remember it’s only rock’n roll.”

S] Outside of music – what’s inspiring you – think films, or specific life events and people for example?

R] “I really like what they’ve done to my favourite movie franchise Star Wars. Daisy Ridley Adam driver and Mark Hamill are bad ass. They are pro, but they have a good time.”

S] You’ve never been a typical industrial band – are you happy with the industrial music label these days?

R] “I’ve always just thought of it as Filter. We used a bunch more electronics and of course, we are very angry at the world so I can see why they say that..”

On that note, people still heavily associate you with Nine Inch Nails and your time in that band, even though you have built your own legacy – again, are you happy that people still discover Filter through that association?

R] “Sure. I put my blood sweat and tears into NIN. If I get some exposure from that then fine. At the end of the day my music is what people have hung on to after they come in the door. Everyone that likes NIN would probably love ‘Crazy Eyes..”

How are you looking forward to your forthcoming UK dates with Combichrist – it’s a cool/weird combo!?

R] “I’ve been playing concerts for a long time! Those guys understand touring. Number one have a good time and try to laugh..”

How do you approach success these days, as an artist that has seen the highs and lows of the industry?

R] “You just have to keep waking up everyday and make it happen. Noone is going to do it for you. Bring your best and it will all work out..”

S] Back to the new record, ‘Mother E’ is a real fave, what direct experiences inspired that one?

R] “I will never talk about what the song is about for fear that the truth would hurt people. It’s from the POV of a sick man who needs to kill..”

S] How would you advice young musicians who have been inspired by your work ethic to approach building a reputation, as you have?

R] “Never take life or work to seriously. People think I’m all political all the time.. And I get that. I love wailing on politicians but people have to remember to smell the roses…”

R] “I’m scoring movies which has always been a goal of mine..It’s cool to be a part of.”

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