Interview: Hawk Eyes [Beacons Festival 2012]

By August 27, 2012 November 28th, 2016 Features, Interviews

At last weekend’s Beacons Festival in Skipton, Soundsphere mag talked to alt-rock powerhouses Hawk Eyes after witnessing their furious set. This is what happened:

Hawk Eyes thunder mercilessly onto the stage. They don’t just commence, they explode. Even at twenty paces, cold fearful sweats descend over brows. We had no idea of the terrible force with which this Leeds-based rock band would introduce itself to the Vice stage this year at Beacons festival.

The precision and ferocity of Paul’s vocals echo Josh Homme, whilst the band’s clamorous riffery has a slight tang of Madball’s hardcore thuggery. Hawk Eyes is a metal behemoth. Our cautious vantage point is violated as front man Paul slings his body into the crowd, dragging with him a guitar, a microphone and a whole heap of steaming rock and roll.

‘We’re just four idiots!’ grins guitarist Rob. But we’re not convinced. A writhing mass of limbs intuitively responds to the thick platter of rock being served up in the Vice tent. Hawk Eyes conduct the crowd perfectly in an orchestra of chaos. These boys are maverick geniuses with a penchant for caustic rock, certainly not four idiots.

Their recently released album ‘Ideas’ has propelled Hawk Eyes into a global theatre. ‘Because of that album we’re going all around the world. Best thing ever! We’re doing a gig in Austria. Coming home. Doing a gig in Switzerland. Coming home. London to Paris to Japan to Paris to London to Paris to Germany. Our carbon footprint will be horrendous. We’re destroying the earth single handedly.’

It’s worth every toxin belched out at the ozone. Some things are far more important than the survival of the human race.

But Hawk Eyes’ success has not led them to forget their roots in Leeds. ‘We were born from Leeds. The band exists because of Leeds. Even if we end up playing the biggest stages in the world you’ve got to appreciate that we exist because of Leeds.’

So, despite eating sausages with Tony Iommi and receiving cult offerings of goats in the Czech Republic, the band has trudged back to Yorkshire on 3 precious hours of sleep to pulverise the ear-drums of their UK fans once again. ‘Its nice to come back. It’s reliable. People still want to watch us play.’

‘Ideas’ is perfect for those who thought ‘Modern Bodies’ was a little one-dimensional. Steve admits, ‘it is much broader album.’ ‘Ideas’ is a fever of sound, casually sliding its thick fingers into any breed of rock it can find, and uniting the clans of raucous metal into 11 tracks bloated with sumptuous heavy treats. Just for you.

All you 90’s kids, raised on a diet of Pumpkins, Nirvana and Weezer, search no further. This is what you crave. Your journey has been long and tiring but it is over now. This is the boss level.

Come get a taste. Because one way or another, Hawk Eyes are bringing the apocalypse to your doorstep.

Catch them before they catch you on their Website.