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In our next Band Spotlight interview thingy, we have the pleasure of chatting to Dom Want, from Manchester alternative pop band, LARKINS.

S] How are you guys doing today?

Good! yourself?

S] Good, thank you! How do you define success?

We’ve always had very specific definitions of ‘making it’. I guess we kinda have a bucket list. The two main ones are Glasto main stage and Manchester arena. A lot of the ways you define how big a band you are coming up in Manchester is which venue you last headlined. There’s kind of a certain order that you play each venue and you can gauge where you are in relation to other bands by looking at where you both play. We’re really competitive as people (probably at an unhealthy level) so its always been a bit of a competition in our heads.

S] What are the biggest challenges you face as artists now? 

Speaking generally, the idea of navigating this kind of wilderness knocking on doors until someone lets you in is actually really scary, like you’ve gotta be a very specific kind of person to deal with the amount of setbacks you encounter trying to get into music. I can’t think of many other industries that have such a lack of a blueprint to success. There’s just no specific way. Specifically right now though I’m not sure there’s ever been a harder time to be an artist. Covid has just wiped everything out and there’s no telling when things will get back up and running. 

S] What ideas motivated and inspired ‘Are We Having Any Fun Yet?’?

I think it’s the idea of people coasting through life with kinda tunnel vision, and its the question of ‘are we actually having fun here or are we just floating around not really doing anything or changing anything’ 

S] What things inspire you guys outside of music – think people, places and/or games for example? 

From a lyrical sense, Josh often talks about relationships whether it be with family or friends or random people on the train. So there’s so many different people that inspire us. We love all forms of art and can be inspired by art and books/poetry. We also try and play sport as much as we can and just knock about together, especially on tour, we’re always stopping for a game of 5-a-side with our crew, always ends in tears. 

S] Cheers for your time!

Thankyou for yours x

Interview: Dom Smith

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