Interview: Manchester Orchestra

By September 20, 2014 Features, Interviews

Check out our latest interview with Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, where we discuss the new album, ‘Cope’, inspirations and more.

Manchester Orchestra - Soundsphere

S] Hello! Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions – what are you up to right now?

A] “Watching the TV show Army Wives with my wife, contemplating lighting myself on fire.”

S] How have your goals as a band changed as you’ve developed as people over the years, since the band’s beginnings?

A] “Our goal was always to try and run a marathon, not a sprint. Try and release thoughtful albums and put in the work to try and get better and better. Your priorities change as you get older, but in general the end goal of the band has been to continue improving and hopefully be bigger than we were the year before.”

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S] What’s keeping you passionate outside of music – think movies, people and places?

A] “I just had my first baby. A wonderful little pumpkin named Mayzie. So I’ve been looking and talking to her a lot. I also love movies. All of them.”

S] What experiences and ideas led up to the creation of ‘Top Notch’, and where were you when it was written?

A] “I enjoy writing songs from different perspectives and I sort of had this scene in my mind about these two kids in a house that was burning down. I have no idea why I thought about it but it seemed like an interesting place to write a song from.”

S] How do you look back on the success of ‘Simple Math’ as a whole record now?

A] “I feel great about that album. We all knew it was a grower and it would take time because it wasn’t as immediate as some past things we had done. I think our fans followed us through and I am really proud of it.”

S] What are a couple of your fondest memories of being in the UK – going to specific places for example, or experiences with the band or fans?

A] “Far too many to count. I remember our bus driver letting Chris drive the bus for about 50 yards. The gear shift got stuck and we all flew across the bus. Everyone was fine but that always sticks in my head. I also slipped and fell down a massive set of stairs at a bar in Leeds and bruised the entire side of my leg. I couldn’t sleep on my right side for six months.”

S] As such a successful band who are (thankfully) able to tour the world, what are the biggest challenges for Manchester Orchestra in 2014?

A] “It’s our job and we are passionate about it. I try not to think about the challenges because everybody has challenges. I am just lucky that mine have to do with being in a band that I love.”