Interview: SKATERS

By December 22, 2013 February 19th, 2014 Features, Interviews

In our latest interview, we chat to New York via Hull band, SKATERS’ vocalist Michael Ian Cummings about the band’s inspirations, presents and more…


S] How the heck did you get together with members from Hull, UK and NYC in the US? That’s proper magic.

M] “I met Josh at a party in the Hollywood Hills. He was rad! a punk kid with crazy good energy, tons of playing experience. Gave me ideas. So I sent some demos over to Josh in England, and on halloween he rang me up to tell me he’d be in NYC the next day. He just kind of showed up. was like ‘Let’s start a band, lets book shows!’ so we did!”

S] You played a show at Hull’s The Adelphi last year, that’s a small venue that a lot of bands miss because Hull’s not massive on the touring circuit – how was it for you?

M] “We played two there, its the best. sweaty and loud. we’re gonna play there forever, and tell all our friends to play there.”

S] What were the highlights of recording at Electric Lady Land Studios?

M] “We’ve got a few; Usher singing directly outside our bathroom door, chucking snowballs off the roof at people, double-bubbler hits. Also, taking turns playing drum solos over our songs.”

S] What themes and ideas inspire the album?

M] “We were all bar-tending for the last couple years so, we were overloaded with content. You see so much, you hear so many stories. Everyone makes so many ‘mistakes’ in this city, and then everyone’s so good at saying fu** it. its a great way to live.”

S] Talk us through the lyrical inspirations behind ‘Deadbolt’ – where were you when you wrote it?

M] “I was in the my studio writing when I looked out the window to find helicopters circling around a building across my street. Some dude was shooting guns out the window at cops. It was meant to be from his perspective; about a tough guy who becomes desperate. It’s like the ultimate reality check.”

S] Is there a track that we haven’t heard yet, that you feel perfectly defines where the band is at right now, musically and personally, and why? 

M] “The record was meant to sound cohesive, even though it takes from a lot of different places. The last song we wrote is called ‘This much I Care’, I think it’s got a little bit of everything that’s on the record. its melodic, noisey, dancey and more…”

S] Outside of music, what inspires you guys – people, places and locations for example? 

M] “Of course – everything from amusement parks, other bands and pizza to Matt Damon.”

S] What did you get each other for Christmas?

M] “I got a gold plated mic stand, Noah got comic books, Josh got paint supplies, Dan got some old kung-fu flicks.”

S] If you could come up with a Frankenstein’s Monster for the SKATERS sound, for example the head of The Strokes, the arms of The Clash and the balls of The Libertines, what would it be and why? 

M] “I’ll give you what we aspire to be, hows that? The arms of Television – super interesting unique feels, the head of Queen – freakishly creative, and the balls of The Clash – they’ll try anything.”