Sterling Press are “all about the vibes”

By November 2, 2021 Culture, Features, Interviews, News

Sterling Press

Hey guys, how are you doing today?

Hello. We are doing very well. Balls deep in tour rehearsals but it’s all sounding great so we are ramping up the excitement for our first date on Friday.

What’s motivating you outside of music right now – think people, places and games, art for example?

It would be hard not to mention the success of our local team, the mighty mighty Brentford, giving it some in the big time. The football they play is something else. Recently, we also moved into a house together up in Liverpool. Being in a different space with new places and faces is a big change for us and has definitely contributed to our music in a positive way.

How do you define success as artists? 

Go on a huge world tour and have a band helicopter drop us off at festivals.

Aside from Covid, what has been your biggest set of challenges as artists? 

It’s always hard seeing what other bands are doing and not getting in your own head about wether your style/way of ‘doing things’ is the correct one. Obviously that’s a load of bollocks and you gotta stay true to what you want to do regardless of trends and what other people are into at the moment.

What’s your mission statement as a band, and how has that changed and developed? 

Carrying on from the last question, we just want to make  good music that we enjoy writing. We take inspiration from so many different styles and genres and want our sound to keep evolving with the band. All about the vibes.