Johnny Goth on image and the music industry

By November 10, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

In our next Artist interview, we talk creative inspirations with Johnny Goth. 

S] Hey Johnny, how are you, mate?

J] Hi I’m alright, just trying to exist.

S] How do you define success as an artist? 

J] To me success is being able to touch someone through your art no matter what scale. Being able to survive off your art is cool too.

S] What stuff is inspiring you right now – specific people, places and things of that nature?

J] lately I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from my views of society and the nature of people over the past year. This combined with my existing love of horror and things of that dark nature complement each other well within my music I feel.

S] Do you have any good memories regarding the UK and Europe? 

J] I ave not been yet! I hope to visit soon, Europe is definitely on my list.

S] To what extent do you believe image matters in the context of the modern music industry?

J] I think it’s very important, to me it makes an artist much more interesting if they have a unique style to them. You have such a big opportunity as an artist to create something not of this world and I feel like it’s a let down when I see an artist just kind of blend in with everyone else, even if their music is nice.

S] What would you say your biggest challenge is as an artist right now, aside from Covid?

J] I’ve tested negative so I’m good for now! I would say that the biggest challenge is funding. I have so many ideas that I’m unable to make happen due to lack of resources so I tend to do whatever I can myself, or with my close group of friends.

S] If you could soundtrack any film with your sound, what film would you pick and why? 

J] Probably ‘The Crow’. It’s hard to say because the soundtrack is already so perfect but I’d love to be the soundtrack of that film. I like how the film’s soundtrack is just solo guitar riffs and full songs. I think I’d have fun with something like that. I don’t think I’d have fun writing a soundtrack that was just soundscape/ambient music.