Kev La Kat on creating good vibes in the Covid climate

By November 18, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

In our next Artist Interview, we chat to East Yorkshire electro empresario, Kev La Kat

S] Hey Kev, how are you doing today, man? 

K] Yeah, good man feels good to get these tracks out nearly didn’t happen. I’ve had a nice day trying to spread the word about ‘Play Me’ drinking coffee, and eating some nice food.

S] Talk us through the new EP, dude – what inspired you to create everything we are listening to?

K] During the first lockdown I decided to go through the 100s of nearly finished tunes I’ve made over last 5 years and think about finding the best, then re-working ‘em, adding extra bits and putting together as a long player using the speech samples I found on YouTube to bridge it all. But, then disaster struck and my new computer died, so I abandoned the project when lockdown finished. Then, into the second lockdown I decided to try finish it, I found all the full existing mixdowns, and spliced together my favourite bits and went for it.

S] What about yourself – outside of music, what gets you going, think movies, people and places for example?

K] I think people’s reaction to music really inspires me, the people who really love music and are passionate about it. Seeing people dance, get excited about a random bass solo, sing-along perfectly – that just makes me wanna make sounds in the studio.

S] What would you say your biggest challenges are as an artist at the moment, aside from Covid?

Surely I can’t answer this without it being connected to the c word. Personally I’m really, really missing playing gigs, djing and seeing bands and djs, festivals and people dancing on mass.

S] Big fan of ‘Bye Bye Pretty’ and ‘I Like Your Face’ and have had both on repeat this afternoon – what are some of your own favourite moments and experiences creating the record? 

Thanks Dom, I think every track on here I’ve been buzzing about when I first created them and excited to add more parts and see where they go, but at some point every tune I work on just becomes annoying by the time its finished. I guess my favourite of all the stages is when the tracks are first formed and I get to play my instruments and jam around. Also, I love it when a little vocal ideas pop outta thin air at 3am usually.

S] Now then, if you could soundtrack an existing film with this record, what film would you pick and why? 

I’m not sure I’ve seen a film that would suit it all, but there is definitely a ‘Amelie’ vibe to Bye Bye Pretty.

Interview: Dom Smith