Liv Morgan on her legacy, and attitude to success as a WWE Superstar

By September 6, 2022 Features, Interviews, Spotlight, Wrestling

Dom Smith from Soundsphere talks to WWE Superstar, Liv Morgan about what legacy and success mean to her.


“For me, legacy is what you leave behind” says Liv Morgan, coming off an historic win at WWE’s recent Clash At The Castle event in Cardiff, Wales. “When my WWE career is all said and done, I hope that the legacy I leave behind is that I never, ever gave up.”

Liv continues on to discuss her uphill struggle getting in to the wrestling business: “I had no famous family, and I am not a generational superstar. I came up during the era of the Four Horsewomen (Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks), and everything was centralised around them. So, the fact that I broke through all of that, and came out on top, is because I never gave up.”


“My definition of success is just being happy,” says Morgan, when reflecting on her life. “I know that we all want the accolades, but that doesn’t mean happiness, because you can have the accolades and not be happy. True success is being happy, and enjoying what you are doing. It has to come from a place within, where you can feel fulfilled in all areas of your life.”


Outside of wrestling, Liv is enamoured with her farm, and animals, she also has her business: ShopLiveMore is my side business, and I really enjoy making these homemade soaps, bath bombs and lotions which are all organic, and natural. So, that inspires me outside of the ring.” 

Being the underdog

Liv talks about what it’s been like being the underdog, even as a world champion in WWE: “That’s like a weird oxymoron. I believe that anyone can do anything, if they believe in it enough, and work for it. I hope that people see that there’s nothing that you cannot have, regardless of your circumstances, and I hope that I am proof of that.”

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