NYC musician SODA talks Coventry Carols, the legacy of His Mighty Robot and desire to “keep going”

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By March 23, 2022 Features, Interviews, News

NYC-based DIY punk and indie musician SODA. talks about his new project Coventry Carols, the legacy of his previous bands, and how he stays creatively fulfilled in 2022.

How are you today? 

I’m good, an exciting week. (My band) Coventry Carols has a listening party and also a record release party for our record that just came out on 3.18.

How do you define success as an artist, and as a person now? 

As an artist? If someone is moved by something that I personally create, then that is truly success. As a person? I’ve been given another day. I’m alive.

What inspires you outside of music – think specific people, places and movies for example? 

I sure am inspired by a lot. My Daughter, who is 3 now. The Springtime walks Im starting again. Friends, Family. Always music and art, etc. Specific people? I mean, I have my hard influences that will never change…Jellyfish, Mineral, Spookey Ruben, Limblifter, The Cure, The Pumpkins…Same goes for movies, books…yada yada.

How do you look back at His Mighty Robot and its legacy now?

I love that you say legacy about that band in particular, I do feel it is deserving of such a classification. I look back on HMR with so much love. It’s also a very sad story without having to get into it. I think HMR was very, very special and it is something that people still discover. That band lives on, it had and still has such an interesting life.

How does Coventry Carols push you in new ways? 

To write the best songs that I have ever written. I’m very conscious of the flesh and bones of the songs and I’m trying very hard to level them up as high as they can go. I’m pushing as hard as I can, as far as I can.

What would be your message to fans, and people yet to discover you? 

It’ll get hard. Take a deep breath. Reset. Focus. Let the Universe sometimes lead. Talk to people. It’s okay to not be okay.

What have you got coming up to tell us about?

A lot! The record is out. If anything, I really just want people to hear this album. I feel it is very important. It is self-titled. Coventry Carols.

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