The HU’s Odbayar “Odko” Gantumur discusses the release of ‘Rumble Of Thunder’

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How are you guys doing today?

It has been amazing day today, we have visited our friend’s home and ate good Mongolian food. While we are on tour it is rare to eat such delicacies, so quite a nice day off today. We are on a tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth facing new audiences every day, and have been learning a lot from these legendary artists. While we are on this tour our highly anticipated second album will be released – this week on September 2nd. 

With all the love you have received in the past, how do you define success as people, and as artists?

Everybody defines success in different ways I am sure but for me, a hardworking and efficient person who knows how to balance sacrificing himself to his work, and enjoys doing so is successful.

How do you look back on the success of ‘The Gereg’ as a whole now, what does that record mean to you now?

The Gereg album for me was one of the most successful album to be ever released in Mongolia that introduced us in the world stage. Not only us, but the Hunnu Rock genre became known to people and it helps us to announce ourselves, especially Mongolians in same level as anyone in the world. 

How excited are you to release ‘Rumble of Thunder’ into the world? 

Absolutely thrilled for our release because not only does it have so many great songs, but also every song has a deep meaning that can be heard in the melodies. 

What can fans expect from this record?

You can expect absolute metal rock music from this record. On top of good music, we also would like to think we are giving good energy and strength through our music that can empower you.

What is motivating you outside of music at the moment, think of specific people and places, for example?

As a drummer, good drummers motivate me to do better. To name few: Mike Portnoy, Tony Royster and Mike Mangini are crazy talented people who are carrying the weight of their bands. As for places, Mongolian landscapes always fascinate me as an artist, and mimicking nature sounds on the drum kit is one thing I try to do on my own. 

What would you like The HU’s legacy to be?

We want our legacy to be the band that introduced and started the Hunnu Rock genre that has so many artists feeling connected and inspired. Moreover, by bringing this genre to the world stage, we want to also show people around the globe that Mongolians also have great history of music and talent as everyone else does. 

What is your message for your fans over in the UK?

We are so psyched to be back and I know how English people rock on so we are expecting amazing audiences as well. The new album will be out in 3 days so the HU is bringing the rock storm! Be prepared and see you amazing people soon!

For full Euro tour dates, check out below:



26.10.22 – Oslo, Norway / Sentrum Scene

28.10.22 – Stockholm, Sweden / Fryshuset Arenan

29.10.22 – Gothenburg, Sweden / Gothenburg Film Studio

31.10.22 – Copenhagen, Denmark / The Grey Hall

01.11.22 – Aarhus, Denmark / Train

03.11.22 – Berlin, Germany / Metropol

04.11.22 – Gdansk, Poland / B90

05.11.22 – Warsaw, Poland / Progresja

07.11.22 – Krakow, Poland / Studio

08.11.22 – Budapest, Hungary / Akvarium

09.11.22 – Vienna, Austria / Gasometer

11.11.22 – Prague, Czech Republic / Mala Sportovni Hala

12.11.22 – Zurich, Switzerland / Volkshaus

13.11.22 – Milan, Italy / Alcatraz

15.11.22 – Lyon, France / Transbordeur

17.11.22 – Madrid, Spain / La Paqui

18.11.22 – Barcelona, Spain / Salamandra

20.11.22 – Toulouse, France / Le Bikini

21.11.22 – Brussels, Belgium / Ancienne Belgique

22.11.22 – Tilburg, Netherlands / 013

24.11.22 – Cologne, Germany / Live Music Hall

25.11.22 – Paris, France / Casino de Paris

27.11.22 – Amsterdam, Netherlands / Melkweg (Max)



28.11.22 – Manchester / Academy

30.11.22 – Leeds / Stylus

01.12.22 – Nottingham / Rock City

02.12.22 – Cardiff / Great Hall

03.12.22 – Birmingham / O2 Institute

05.12.22 – Dublin / 3Olympia

06.12.22 – Belfast / Ulster Hall

07.12.22 – Glasgow / SWG3 (Galvanizers)

09.12.22 – London / Roundhouse

The band’s new album, ‘Rumble of Thunder’ is out this FRIDAY:

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