Photoblog: James T at Hevy [Port Lympne, Kent] 5-8 August, 2011

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We sent our resident snapper James Thompson to Hevy Festival this year to take some cool shots of awesome bands. Here’s what happened when we let him loose in the Animal Park among the crowd and bands…


Feed The Rhino get got by the hoodies! We tried to save him!


Architects storm Hevy with their powerful mix of sounds – our standout performance for the whole weekend. Absolutely bloody brilliant.





Don Broco are doing incredibly well at the moment, and they fully deserve the attention – their nifty mix of heavy and melodic sounds are incredibly well-recieved here. Top marks.





Four Year Strong make some waves this weekend, powering through their set with extreme force and energy to the delight of their crowd. Our standout of the set is ‘Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)’.





How are we ever going to forget Funeral For A Friend? Their prominent post-hardcore work is performed with true professionalism here, and the boys should be proud. An excellent performance of ‘Broken Foundation’ sticks out for us.





Our personal favourite photo from the weekend’s snapping. Heart In Hand‘s strength and diversity shines through this weekend.



Hildamay impress with their intensity and showmanship. Highly entertaining. One of the major surprises of our weekend.




Lower Than Atlantis push themselves to the limit with an immense showing here, ploughing through their most innovative tunes including ‘Deadliest Catch’ and ‘Beech Like The Tree’. Nice.





Marmozets are probably the most “interesting” band for us this weekend. Epic. What do you get if you mix Paramore with Rolo Tomassi?



Ahh, The Ghost Of A Thousand, how we miss you. At their last gig, they perform (as usual) proper mental metal, and a standout show this year. Awesome. Ferocious and beautiful to watch (for any rock fan) at the same time. Mint.





The crowd for While She Sleeps. Roar! We feel very “uplifted” by the crowd and the band as they rock the heck out on stage.





The Ocean Between Us put on a grand showing, pouring all of their sweat into tunes like the ever raucous ‘Nice One Kid, You Just Bought A Knife To A Gunfight’ to the delight of the audience.





TRC bring their hardcore punk-fuelled anger and vitriol in all its glory to Hevy and the fans mosh while lapping it up.


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Uh, Zebrahead? Yep. Well, they pretty much showcase this bill’s many styles. Their fun mix of pop and punk sounds create some light relief for the onlookers. Always enjoyable.


For more information visit the official Hevy Festival website.



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