Photoblog: Laura Marling [York Minster, York] October 21, 2011

By October 23, 2011 September 14th, 2016 Features

As we type, folk darling and Brit Award winner Laura Marling is part way through her tour of some of Britain’s grandest cathedrals.


Accompanied to the stage tonight by a single tolling bell, she tells the packed “congregation” at her sold-out York Minster show “This is the big one”. Whether she says that about all her churches or not we’ll never know will we?



The sheer enormity of The Minster’s nave could engulf many artists; despite the modest staging, Laura’s vocals combine wonderfully with the exalted accoustics to fill the cavernous space. Much of the early part of the show is made up of tracks from her current album ‘A creature I Don’t Know’ played with a full backing band. She also appears solo tonight, and we are treated to her beautiful and singular vocals not diminished at all (no disrespect, of course, to the others on-stage) by the loss of her fellow musicians.



Laura muses that this show may be an indulgence for her, but the combination of her sound and the unique venue makes absolute sense to us.



The show (as you can hopefully see) is a joy to photograph – you really do get a much better class of pit security in a cathedral!




For more information visit the official Laura Marling website.