Puddles Pity Party on success, legacy, and plans for Christmas

By November 30, 2020 Features, Interviews, News

It is our delight to start the week off with an interview with this very cool, very sad clown – please do check out Puddles Pity Party, if you haven’t yet. 

Puddles Pity Party

S] Hi Puddles, how are you doing?

Oh, I’m doing ok. Thanks for asking. I’ve presently got a roof over my head and a hot cup of coffee in my hand, so I couldn’t possibly complain considering what so many others are going through this year

S] How do you define success, what does it mean to you now?

Success is subjective, of course. In these troubled times, my idea of success is staying clear of spreading the virus and keeping in touch with all my party people through the magic of technology.

S] You’ve inspired a lot of people over the years, what advice would you give to any young people who look up to your style, and music?

I’m not one to “should” on people. But some of the things I’ve learned on this strange journey are don’t be afraid to show your feelings and always let your freak flag fly in terms of your art and lifestyle. Also, passing along some advice I received from my friend Paul Reubens, I would encourage artists feel free to break their own rules and not to be too precious about their work. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. That sort of thing.

S] What are you most passionate about, outside of music? Think specific people, places, games and things?

Well, it’s no secret that I’m crazy for Kevin Costner. He’s a modern-day Renaissance Man. And coffee is a crucial component for me daily (nightly, too, when it’s time to party). I’m also a big animal adoption advocate. During holiday times, it’s especially important to promote animal adoption. I think it’s so much more rewarding to adopt a rescue from a local shelter instead of purchasing from breeders.

S] Will we see you in the UK, post-pandemic? 

Oh, most definitely. I cannot wait to return to the UK. I miss so many of my old haunts like Maison Bertaux in Soho and Spoon in Edinburgh and Cornucopia in Dublin. I hope they can survive the challenges of this pandemic. The same goes for all of the lovely live performance venues. I do hope they can stay afloat so that we can all gather together within their hallowed halls and enjoy some fellowship when it’s safe again.

S] What would you like your legacy to be?

Oh boy, that sort of question is beyond my comprehension. I guess I would hope that my music might live on to inspire empathy, acceptance, and artistic expression for all.

S] Following your Home Alone Holiday Special, what are your plans for Christmas?

My Home Alone Holiday Special kind of says it all. I’ll be spending the holidays at home, alone, like so many of us during this pandemic. When I’m not busy recording holiday greetings on Cameo for my Pity Pals, I’ll likely be in the kitchen perfecting a recipe for vegan pot pie, and vegan pumpkin pie, and vegan fruit tartlets. Uh oh. Looks like I better add some calisthenics to my schedule this Xmas, as well.

S] Thanks very much for answering my questions, take care!

Thank YOU, friend. And best compliments of the season to your and yours. Please take care out there.

Interview: Dom Smith