’s Best Tracks Of 2012!

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It’s groovier than ‘Gangnam Style’! It’s the end of year list compiling our team’s favourite tracks of 2012! It’s been a great year. As always, we really appreciate your support and we love you very much! Let us know what you think of these awesome tunes!




Guy Smith [Mazda/DRT Racing Driver 2011 ALMS Champion]

Swedish House Mafia – ‘Save The World’

“It’s a real feel good song, and uplifting a great one to chill too before the race yet still up tempo to get the blood pumping.”


Rob Harvey [The Streets / The Music / The D.O.T.] picks:

Usher – ‘Climax’

“I usually find Usher a bit cheesy but Diplo’s production really allows ushers great voice to get past my cheese radar. I love it.”


Tim Hornsby [Booking, Fibbers – York] picks:

Jake Bugg – ‘Lightning Bolt’

“Dead easy. It’s like Patsy Cline sung by Alex Turner. A perfect example of folks recognising wonderful and genuine talent without the need for endless Facebook and Twitter bo**ocks.”


Duncan Bell [Operations Editor, T3 magazine] picks:

Swans – ‘The Apostate (Live)’

“Musically, it’s like being repeatedly run over by a truck for 20 minutes – as all good Swans songs are – but this time with an almost funky swing to it.”


Daniel Lucas [Bosscaine] picks:

Justin Townes Earle – ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now’

“The whole record, much like anything he has done, is full of incredibly poetic songwriting and some amazing musicianship. That boy is the real deal.”


David Ryder-Prangley [Rachel Stamp] picks:

The Art – ‘Dirty Girl’

“I just think they’re the best band I’ve heard in ages. They write great songs and look cool and are a great rock ‘n’ roll band.”


James Addyman [BBC Radio York Introducing, Producer] picks:

Alabama Shakes – ‘Hold On’

“They’re the only band that have emerged in more recent times that have caught my attention.”


MW Bewick [Radio Wivenhoe] picks:

Mount Eerie – ‘Through The Trees Pt.2’

“I really like the production on the track, things come into the mix unexpectedly. It also reminds me of ambling through the countryside near where I live.”


Chris James [Inspired Youth]

Stubborn Heart – ‘Penetrate’

“Just a great tune. It’s got a great mood.”


Stuart Semple [Artist] picks:

Scott Walker – ‘Epizootics’

“The world [of the song] and the lyrics take me to…the imagery….brass.”


Rich Fownes [Bad For Lazarus] picks:

Baby Godzilla – ‘At The Oche’

“The nicest guys. The nicest riffs. The nicest destruction of everything onstage and off.”


Rob Holliday [The Prodigy] picks: [we’ll let him ‘ave it!]

Deftones – ‘Rocket Skates’

“I’m always ages behind with these things! I don’t care! My pick is Deftones and ‘Rocket Skates’ – this band are amazing to watch, and this is a great song.”


Dom Paczko [Choose My Music Records] picks:

P.O.S – ‘F*** Your Stuff’

“Although it is a rap track, it would be in keeping with your usual rock demographic! P.O.S is a hardcore punk rocker turned rapper!”




Dom Smith [Editor] picks:

Binary (pictured) – ‘Modern Man’

“Binary are a great band with a lot of potential. I absolutely adore this tune and have played it on and off all year.”


Mike Leigh Cooper [Video Production] picks:

Sonic Boom Six – ‘Virus’

“Sonic Boom Six have been a favourite of mine for years and this track is one of their best.”


James Elston [Writer] picks:

Coheed And Cambria – ‘The Aftermath’

“I found it a beautiful, free flowing extention of the band’s earlier work.”


Jonathan Sillence [Film Reviews]

Officers X Gary Numan – ‘Petals’

“it’s got a awesome bass to it, a creepy atmosphere and the vocals are great, fitting the style perfectly.”


Kieran Schlechter [Web Design] picks:

Regina Spektor – ‘All The Rowboats’

“It’s because she sings like there’s a party in her head but she’d rather no one came.”


Colm O’Rourke [Writer] picks:

Azaelia Banks featuring Lazy Jay –  ‘212’

“It’s a sassy, irresistible, relentless slice of hip-hop which offers a hint of hope for the genre in an era of genericism.”


Louisa Kouzapas [Writer] picks:

Ginger Wildheart – ‘Another Spinning ****ing Rainbow’

“Mostly because it’s Ginger doing whatever the hell he wants, be it psychedelic pop, acoustic sing-a-long rock or experimental metal!”


Steve Nash [Writer] picks:

The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Handwritten’

 “This is a passionate love letter to the art of creative writing, and nothing whets my whistle much more than that.”


Steve Shooter [Writer] picks:

We Could Be Astronauts – ‘The Catastrophist’

“I have played ‘The Catastrophist’ on my show loads of times, addictive, dirty, a proper rock song! Beautifully put together. I just really like it…”


Pete Wise [Writer] picks:

Castrovalva – ‘I Am The Golden Widow’

“It’s just brilliant. Castrovalva are a great band.”


Nick Struggles [Writer]

Djerv – ‘Headstone’

“What can I say? The freshest alt-rock sounds for some time. Dirty distorted guitars and guttural vocals with enough voice to give the the likes of Skin and that chick from Guano Apes a run for their money…after (Agnete Kjølsrud) collaborated with Dimmu Borgir it was fair to expect something a bit more black metal but what’s offered here is a unique mix of punk rock attitude and style mixed with the ambience of modern black metal – a triumph!”


Giles Moorhouse [Writer] picks:

Foals – ‘Inhaler’

“Fu**ing immense.”


Paul Faller [Writer] picks:

Arctic Monkeys – ‘R U Mine’

“Combining the crunching riffs of ‘Humbug’ with the pop nous of ‘Suck It And See’ and adding Alex Turner’s ever-brilliant lyricism, this is Arctic Monkeys at the very top of their game. Untouchable.”

 Thank you all so much for your support in 2012. It means the world. You have no idea. We are so proud. Much love, and all that stuff.