Tommy Dreamer talks his future in IMPACT Wrestling, and challenging for a World Title in 2021

By Aiden Beswick

Tommy Dreamer, a 31-year veteran of the squared-circle, has the opportunity the win the IMPACT World Title at No Surrender on February 13 – his 50th birthday – if he accepts Rich Swann’s challenge on Tuesday’s episode of IMPACT.

Dreamer featured as a special guest on IMPACT’s Press Pass, where he faced questions from the media about the potential match, but he also gave us an insight into his preparation for the bout and his career so far.

Swann, who is 20-years younger than Tommy, gifted the ECW legend a title shot at No Surrender on January 26’s episode of IMPACT.

All eyes will be watching to see if the 49-year-old accepts Rich’s opportunity, but how does the Innovator of Violence view this potential title match?

“It’s a great opportunity, and if I accept it, and there is a big if, it’s something that I’d cherish, and it’s going to go down as a benchmark in my career.” he said.

Dreamer is a former two-time ECW World Champion, but how would Tommy feel if he were to become IMPACT Champion?

“It would mean everything.” he said in short.

However, the 49-year-old explained that it would also be “something that I take with pride,” and “when you’re the champion, every time you step out of your house, you represent a company, you represent the men and women that are working there.”

To be offered a title shot is something that other wrestlers won’t be a fan of, as the Innovator of Violence hasn’t “earned it”, according to many.

If Dreamer accepts the match, as Swann has chosen Tommy as his opponent, does the 49-year-old think Rich is taking him lightly?

“I don’t think Rich would ever take me lightly, especially if I ever land on him, he will never feel that anything that I do is light.”

In recent weeks, we have seen the likes of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega feature on IMPACT, this is due to his long-term friendship with one of IMPACT’s co-executive vice presidents, Don Callis.

Also, the IMPACT Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers have shown up on AEW on numerous occasions.

While he’s still not accepted Rich’s challenge, provided the ECW legend agrees to the match and is successful, what would his thoughts be on being the IMPACT Champion, during this crossover?

“Well, if I do accept, I could clearly beat Rich Swann, that is on Saturday.

“So then Wednesday, I’ll go and fight Kenny Omega, I’ll beat him, and then I’ll take both titles, throw them in the trash on SmackDown and create wrestling history, and all the goodwill I did to everyone, I’ll just crap all over it in like one week and just be like – I’m out and retire.” he jokingly said.

However, it was the humbling thought he had that followed this, which could see Dreamer already indicating he’s made his mind up.

“I want it in my heart, I want it but then again, I realised that I am 50. If I am able to defeat Rich, I would do whatever to represent Impact Wrestling.”

To add to this, Tommy was asked – what about the potential match with Swann appeals to him now he’s going to be 50?

The 49-year-old mentioned how in the past he was a champion with ECW, but lost it quickly after capturing it, but also, he gave us an insight into his run in the original ECW.

“I feel a title is helped to make guys and I was already made, and I didn’t need it, I also didn’t want people saying my relationship with Paul Heyman is why I was the champion.”

Furthermore, he went back and answered the original question of what appeals to him having a title match with Rich at No Surrender.

“Now, there’s a whole lot of things going through my head, but it just means a lot, I think because of the times, because of the world that we’re currently living, I just want to go out there and have a good match, as well as to give people hope.

“We all need hope nowadays and just be like, hey, if old man Dreamer could do something, I think I could do something.”

The match could potentially see the ECW legend win his first IMPACT World Title, and become one of only a handful of wrestlers to win a major promotion’s championship in his 50s. The Innovator of Violence enlightened us, on what Swann could expect at No Surrender.

“You can expect, if I agree to the match, I’m going to give it my all and I won’t hold back, because I know Rich Swann won’t.

“Hey, to be honest, I’ve never had an IMPACT World Title shot, I had one with Bobby Roode in my own company, a lot of people don’t get this opportunity.

“You don’t get a lot of second shots. So, I have to really capitalise on this the best way possible.” he replied.

Dreamer had high praise for the current IMPACT World Champion, calling Rich “one of the greatest champions and greatest wrestlers we’ve ever had in IMPACT.”

Tommy has known Swann for a long time, first meeting him at a Combat Zone Wrestling show. The 49-year-old classes Rich as one of his friends, so how hard will it be, if the ECW legend does accept the IMPACT World Champion’s challenge, to face someone he has been associated with for several years?

“It’s harder.” he said.

“I think everybody has wrestled with their friends in their backyard or in their living room, and then it’s like, hey man, you just did that a lot harder, or hey, you’re doing this and tempers rise.

“I have no problem punching somebody in their face, especially like Moose, because I love punching Moose in his face, but when it’s somebody who you admire, as well as have so much respect for it is it’s a lot different.” he added.

If The Innovator of Violence does accept, it would only give him only four days to prepare for this match. With this ultimatum in his head, what has he done, in advance, to get ready for this opportunity?

“The First thing that usually comes to my head is oh God, how quickly can I lose weight?” he replied.

“What I’ve been doing is I’ve been dieting, I’ve been training, I’ve been doing cardio, I’ve actually been going to Curt Hawkins’ Create A Pro out in Long Island and training.” he added.

Dreamer ended the call talking about how he has enjoyed wrestling again with IMPACT, after a displeasing spell with the WWE in the later 2000s. Also, since his return, he went on to say “I had something to prove, and I still have something to prove at 50.”

The question now is, if Tommy does accept Swann’s challenge – will he be celebrating his 50th birthday with the IMPACT World Title around his waist?

Written by Aiden Beswick (@ABeswickSport)

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