WITCH FEVER talk IDLES, imagery and the future

By June 9, 2021 Features, Interviews, News

In our next Band Interview, we talk to the awesome WITCH FEVER about touring with Idles, gaming, cooking and visual inspirations.

S] How are you guys doing today?

We’re doing great thank u!!

S] How do you define success as artists?

That’s a tricky one, it depends how you define success. I’d say that generally, the answer would be that to be successful as a musician it means you’re able to live off the money you make from it and it be your career, which is true, but I don’t think that’s all that success should be about. If we’ve played a great gig to people and they loved it I’d say we’re successful!

S] What’s motivating you as people right now – outside of music, think art, games or movies for example?

Amy – I’m currently writing a masters dissertation on the way women are portrayed in possession horror film and fiction so reading all the theory for that has been super interesting! Also my friends, being out in nature, good coffee and Peep Show.

Alisha – I’ve been getting into music production recently and cooking good food!

Alex – My main motivation outside of music has been doing a lot of DIY and decorating – its been really helpful keeping myself engaged in learning new skills over lockdown. Also spending time with friends and seeing all the things they are accomplishing keeps me motivated.

Annabelle – I just downloaded Among Us on Switch which is sick and otherwise, I spend a lot of time reading things such as Yanis Varoufakis and Angela Davis. I also just quit my job to keep me on my toes!

S] How important is the visual/image aspect of Witch Fever? You have some very cool imagery!

Thank you so much! From the very start it’s been a mixture of my (Amy) artwork and our manager Debbie’s photography so we’ve always kept it consistent and authentic. There’s a lot of inspiration in there from my love of horror and the Gothic as a literary genre, as well as biblical references and playing with that kind of imagery.

S] How are you looking forward to the IDLES dates?

We’re so excited!! Idles are smashing it at the moment so we’re stoked to be joining them!

S] What is your message to fans that have, and will continue to support you?

We mainly just wanna say a big thank you for enjoying what we’re doing and supporting us in it! We’re very happy that we get to do this and cant wait to see you soon! We’ve got lots of new material to unleash upon your ears.