17-year-old hyperpop artist Luvseat talks about her creative inspirations and more

How are you doing?

I’ve been better. Things are stressful, my life is changing rapidly, but it’s bittersweet.

How do you define success as a person?

I think being “okay” is success. A lot of people think making a certain amount of money or getting that certain job position is success. But I think as long as you’re feeling okay, you’re successful

What about as an artist?

As an artist? I think success depends on your goals. I’d consider myself “successful” simply because I’m continuing to grow, and that’s my current goal. As long as you’re setting goals and reaching them, you’re successful, no matter how big your audience is.

What would you say your biggest challenges as an artist are?

The work-life balance. I struggle to find myself doing anything but music, and music related things. It’s hard to have hobbies when you’re constantly working. And then when you’re not creating, you feel terrible because you don’t have anything else you do outside of your art.

What’s the best thing about being Luvseat?

The best thing about being luvseat is probably just being able to do stuff. I’ve traveled a ton, whether it was to play shows or make music with some friends, I discovered a love for travelling after the COVID restrictions lifted, and that’s probably my favorite part of being me.

How have you changed and developed as an artist, since you started creating, up until this point? 

When I started making music, in 2015, I made music on some awful web browser DAW; with loops from Looperman, and then I got Audacity and started making meme rap. I tried my hand at bedroom pop. Tons of quitting and restarting trying to find my “thing” and I think it shows with the plethora of genres I’ve put out as luvseat as well.

We work with a lot of young people who are struggling to find motivation – maybe they have some mental health issues, some trauma or are struggling with their own identity, what would be your advice to any young person who is inspired by you but is struggling creatively, and or personally?

This is something I personally struggle with still. What works for me? If I had a good concept or idea for something I’m working on, but I didn’t like the final product; I’ll restart from scratch with the same idea, and build on it to make it better. A lot of unreleased music on my computer is just worse versions of music I’ve put out already, because I built on the idea and concept for the music that’s actually released.

What is your message to any fans in the UK? 

I love the UK. Super cool to see so many people in London and Blackpool listen to my music. I’d love to perform in London at some point.

What about those people who haven’t heard your music at all yet?

If you haven’t heard my music, I’d just recommend you listen to my last album, “victim complex.” Super diverse project, tons of sounds, there’s something for everyone there, I think.

How do you feel about legacy, and if you do feel something towards it, what would you like your legacy to be? 

I think it’s important to have a good legacy. If I die tonight, I wouldn’t be happy with the legacy I’ve currently got behind me. I want to focus on more charity and activism, locally, and on a large scale too. What’s the use of having the platform I have if I’m not helping people like me?

More about Luvseat:

The 17 year old, transfeminine, genre-bending, experimental artist luvseat was born in Las Vegas, NV. Moving around a lot from a young age, she lived in Philadelphia, Baton Rouge, Orlando, and many areas up and down the east coast. She began writing music at the age of seven, and recorded her first song in her 4th grade teacher’s classroom after school when she was nine.

Since then, she knew she wanted to make music full-time. She began recording in Audacity in 2015, and continued to do so until 2018, when she switched to FL Studio and began producing her own instrumentals and original songs under the names yungluvseat, pikaa and Shrimpyy.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, she quickly made a name for herself within the “hyperpop” community; for better or for worse, carving her niche very quickly. With a constantly growing fanbase on TikTok, paired with her niche sound and versatility, she is on track to be a force within the underground music space.