4 Marvel Shows Disney+ Should Resurrect (And One They Shouldn’t)

By Andrew Gooch
By January 10, 2020 Comics, News, TV

With the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda currently delighting US subscribers of Disney’s new subscription service, the future is looking bright for Disney+. As well as a future slate of star wars related shows, there is also the several planned MCU series set to focus on the likes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch and Moon Knight to name a few. However, with the pretence of interconnections with previous tv shows such Agents of SHIELD, now seemingly dropped, it would be a shame for Marvel Television’s early projects to be simply fade into the ether. While many of them have long since ended or been cancelled, there are still many fans desperate to have their favourite small screen hero brought back for season X. Here are four Marvel shows that Disney+ should one day bring back and another that we hope no subscriber channel will ever charge us for.


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Easily the most successful out of all Marvel’s Netflix’s shows. When it came to demand for a small screen hero to make the leap to the films, no one was more requested for this than Daredevil. Sadly we didn’t see the Man without Fear jump out of a glowing portal at the end of Endgame, however there’s still a certain wall crawler whose in need of a lawyer. Maybe a brief cameo in the next Spider-Man movie will open the door for horn head’s Disney+ revival.

Agent Carter

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Out of all the Marvel shows, Agent Carter was unique as it managed to pull off something that, for a time, was long thought impossible; it got the main films to acknowledge a TV show. Granted, all they did was put Mr Jarvis onscreen for ten seconds in Endgame, still the possibilities it raised left a lot of fans excited. Having ended on a cliff-hanger with Season 2, a Disney+ funded third season could take advantage of the Endgame’s time travelling shenanigans and include the time jumping Steve Rogers. It could even help finally help answer who really was the father of Peggy’s children?

Powerman and Iron Fist: Heroes For Hire

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The overall quality of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s separate Netflix series are a source of heated debate, however no fan can argue that keeping the two separated after Defenders was a major misstep. By now any interest in another series for either Luke Cage or the Immortal Iron First is muted at best, however a Hero for Hire reboot would just be the sort of original title to get subscription rates rising. They would need to make sure Luke didn’t run into the new Blade though- that would be awkward.


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Star Wars has already proved that the ruthless vigilante with a hidden heart of Gold can make some great television on Disney+, so what’s to stop them launching a Marvel equivalent. Now, obviously the violence would need to be toned down slightly but give Frank a cute child sidekick like Baby Yoda to relieve the morbidity and there’d sure to be enough bloodless violence to keep that PG-rating.

But don’t bring back Inhumans

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There was a brief time a few years ago when the Inhumans had a small window to impress Marvel fans that had long given up on their favourite X-Men coming to the MCU. Then the ambitious but woefully underbudgeted and under-written Inhuman show aired and people immediately went resumed waiting for the Mutants. With some form of Mutant centric film on the docket of Marvel’s phase 5 as well as the upcoming Celestials movie, hopefully any resultant Disney+ spins off will eliminate any further need to see Atitlan’s royal family ever again.

Thanks for reading. Which shows would you like to see revived for Disney+ and which ones do you never wanna hear of again? Let us know down below.

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