80s euphoria meets hypnotic hip-hop in Tyrin’s new music video

By Editor
By August 19, 2022 Culture, News

Tyrin is a forever evolving creative mind, who’s never afraid to reflect on what keeps him up at night. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the evolutionary artist has a genreless approach to composition. Drawing musical influences from the earlier days of pop-punk and hip-hop, Tyrin started making music in 2010, where he felt obligated to create what people were expecting from him and explore the realm of rap. Maturing as an artist throughout his recent repertoire, his influences have united, working and performing alongside his band to produce a truly unique soundscape.  

Bringing his musical influence full circle, Tyrin recently unveiled “Its All Alright.” Exploring thematic discourses concerning mental health, he explains “My music is my outlet, and gives people the affirmation that they’re not alone.” Offering a meditative process to production, his latest release is complemented charismatically with cinematic visuals in his new music video. 

Blessing fans with blaring basslines and an ecstatic realm of sound, “Its All Alright” is represented fantastically with dreamy hues and euphoric visuals, representing the nostalgia that pours into each second of the track. Hoping that listeners will find a minute for themselves within his latest tune, Tyrin continues, “It started with heavy Hip-Hop roots, and through the few months of working on it with my engineer the song started to evolve and mimic my true musical influences.” Offering a stunning representation, “Its All Alright” uncovers Tyrins truly impressive musical persona, as he explains, “I wrote this song to affirm that even with my flaws, I have value.” Sitting atop echoing vocal energy, relentless melodies and a truly encapsulating rhythm, his latest release and accompanying visuals make for an idyllic pairing. 

Consolidating his sonic direction, Tyrin is rapidly becoming one to watch across the alternative genre, blending his love of hip hop and euphoric rap into something truly extraordinary. Having performed at numerous larger venues like Webster Hall and The Gramercy, to name a few, he is nurturing a blossoming community in the heart of New York City.

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