Band Spotlight: Pabst

By June 15, 2020 Interviews, News

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Erik Heise, Tore Noah Knipping, and Tilman Eggebrecht from Pabst about their music and inspirations at the moment.

S] How are you guys feeling?

Erik] Tired.

Toe] Ok and better than yesterday.

Tilman] Kind of stressed from the day, but a little more relaxed as I slide into the night.

How does it feel to be bringing ‘Deuce Ex Machina’ out into the world now?

Tilman] To be honest, it somehow feels a little misplaced to go all in on promo for a music album during these times. We’re all struggling with this feeling right now, as there are obviously so much more important things to raise awareness for.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a band

Erik] Right now it’s this dance on the edge between the band being a pastime activity and the band being our occupation. It can really suck you dry if you are unable to work a day job properly because you’re also in a band sometimes but quitting the former is not possible financially and quitting the latter would make you dead inside. This way playing music can sometimes feel like an addiction, or a bad trait that you have to overcome to be truly happy and useful. But you know very well that this is what you always wanted and always fought for and you’re so close to be able to do it. This part really sucks.

What inspired the track ‘Ibuprofen’, aside from the medication itself?

Erik] Generally, numbing symptoms instead of tackling causes

Tilman] Our grammar school pop-punk past.

How do you define success as artists

Erik] Being creative full-time, being able to express, share, and learn instead of working a bullshit job to feed yourself. Being able to give back. Also, not being dependent on corporate money.

Tilman] Making it abroad.

What are your goals post lockdown?

Erik] Revive hugging people.

Tore] Yes playing and travelling again.

Tilman] Finally playing all the shows we were promised to play in 2020 already.