Bianca Belair on growing up believing that she would be a star in WWE

By September 6, 2022 Features, Interviews, News, Wrestling

Bianca Belair talks to Dom Smith about her experience growing up, and always believing that she would get to the WWE.


For me, that’s where you get to write your own story, and your own chapters, and so my legacy – I want that to not just be about me, I want people to not just remember me in the ring doing moves, or winning championships, my legacy makes people feel.

Belair continues to discuss how wrestling is an incredible sport, but she is focused on making it “cool” again: “I want people to be proud to love wrestling.


“You get to define your own success,” says Belair confidently. “Success is a combination of accomplishments, but also happiness. Happiness is what you really strive for. I call myself the EST (fastEST, toughEST) of WWE, and everybody has that EST within them. You find your EST, and you hold on to that.

“I love when people come up to me, not only to say, ‘you inspired me to be a wrestler’, but ‘you inspired me to go back to school, or you inspired me to go for that job that I didn’t think I could apply for…’. It’s just about being the absolute bEST version of yourself, and finding happiness while doing that.”


“When I was a little girl, my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I could never pinpoint anything – whether I wanted to be a doctor, a teacher or a firefighter – I remember just telling her that I want to perform in front of people, and I want them to throw roses at my feet! She didn’t know what I was talking about at the time.” Bianca continues. “Now, my mom says that I knew exactly what I wanted to do, to perform in front of people, and connect with a crowd! I had that feeling from being a little girl, I just didn’t know exactly what it was.”

Inspiring others

“Sometimes I look around and think ‘how did I even get here’,” says Belair, reflecting on her work with young people in Wales (before Clash At The Castle) as part of the Be A Star Rally. She says: “Having the Raw Women’s Championship on my shoulder is amazing, but to be able to be able to connect with kids, and tell them: ‘just be the best person you can be, and that will get you where you need to go in life’, that’s what it is all about. That’s why I do all this. I take that responsibility very seriously.”

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