binki Releases New Track ‘Doomsday’

By Jay Mitchell
By May 15, 2023 News

With his new EP Antennae dropping on June 16th binki has today released ‘Doomsday’. Featuring a combination of genres and inspirations, ‘Doomsday’ is a laid back track with a lot of meaning.

‘Doomsday’ is a reflective track which looks at the state of the world while he attempts to rationalise his thoughts. That being said, the track still feels upbeat and positive giving the EP a sound perfect for the summer.

Speaking on the track binki said “the title says a lot about this song. Doomsday. It’s like, would you want to know the day the world’s gonna end. I think uncertainty is the scariest thing in the world. People are completely paralyzed by it”. He then added “I think you can either live your life based in fear or based in love. So, I’ve always tried to let love guide my decisions. At least all of the big life altering decisions.  It would be psychotic to not be scared of anything, but I think as much as you can, you should let love lead you.”

Off the back of dates supporting The 1975 earlier this year, binki is now heading out on his own North America headline tour. With a 16 date headline tour on the horizon as well as the upcoming EP, fans of binki have a lot to look forward to.

Listen to ‘Doomsday’ HERE