Connie Sgarbossa says that touring the UK saved SeeYouSpaceCowboy, music as catharsis

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Dom catches Connie while on tour in the US for a jumpy ride, before the band heads to the UK to play Outbreak Festival and more.

“I’m really looking forward to the UK shows,” Connie says, while bouncing up and down on a tour bus roaming through Texas. “We’ve only been once, but the UK legit saved this band’s life. We were a very disgruntled band on our last tour, and then we came to the UK, and we played some of the craziest shows ever.”

On the early success of the band, Connie explains that she has never really cared about “making it”, and still doesn’t: “Everything the band has achieved has fallen upon us. We’ve always had the mentality that we are just going to go out and ‘do it’, and that’s all that matters to me. I’ve never catered to any idea of ‘making it’. I never really wanted or thought of doing music as a career, it’s just something I really enjoyed doing since I was like 14/15. From playing in our local scene, to touring all over the place, it’s been an adventure.”

When reflecting on the opportunities afforded to the band via the success of ‘The Romance Of Affliction’ album, Connie explains: “That album is a very personal one for my own catharsis, but I think it’s really cool that other people can get that sense of catharsis from listening to us as well. It’s cool that it has created a lot of new opportunities for us. I didn’t know how it was going to be received because we were trying a lot of new stuff, but it was amazing to see how it was received especially for an album that was so personal to me.” 

Continuing on that personal note, Sgarbossa seems so happy that fans have connected with the music, in the same way that she did creating it: “I hope that people resonate with the music, and people want to come out. Music has been the greatest source of catharsis for me. If everyone is feeling a certain way, then just roll through, get weird, jump around and do whatever. Hardcore, and these genres of music are meant for that expression, and that big exhale that we all need.”

When questioned about her thoughts on artistic legacy as we close out the chat, Connie asserts that she doesn’t really think too much about that, simply because SeeYouSpaceCowboy has always been more freeform with its creativity: “We play whatever we want. We started out playing sassy-grindy stuff, and then we made a pure metalcore album, we don’t really think about legacy, but we do think about what we are making now. The lyrical content reflects whatever is happening in my life, and changes to whatever I am feeling at the time, and my emotions. If it is going to leave a legacy, I want it to be my idea of artistic expression.”

Words and interview: Dom Smith

Be sure to see Seeyouspacecowboy live on one of the following dates:

18.06.22 UK Birmingham, The Flapper
19.06.22 UK Leeds, Key Club
20.06.22 UK London, New Cross Inn
21.06.22 UK Bristol, Exchange
22.06.22 UK Glasgow, Classic Grand
26.06.22 Germany Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
27.06.22 Germany Köln, MTC
28.06.22 Germany Münster, Cafe Sputnik
29.06.22 Germany Schweinfurt, Stattbahnhof

16.06.22 Czech Rep Hradec Kralove, Rock For People
23.06.22 UK Manchester, Outbreak Festival
24.06.22 Netherlands Ysselsteyn, Jera On Air Festival
25.06.22 Germany Gräfenhainichen, Full Force Festival


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