A Joker’s Rage announce ‘Black Sheep’ EP for November

By October 31, 2014 Culture, News

Yorkshire alternative metal five-piece A Joker’s Rage are set to release their new EP, ‘Black Sheep’ on November 21.


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Alongside the band’s painted faces and party-starting energy, there’s real drive inside all of these songs, and passionate, unapologetic lyrical delivery. A Joker’s Rage are the real f’ing deal. Vocalist Zakky Boy Taylor comments on the EP’s inspirations and what this collection of songs means to him: “This EP came from a really dark place when I started writing it; a place filled with hatred, revenge and jealousy. I’d been stabbed in the back a lot and lied to. And the only way I was ever going to deal with it was to make this, and I was going to destroy everybody in my way.”

The tracklisting for the EP is as follows:

1 – ‘Bounce’
2 – ‘Black Sheep’
3 – ‘Temptress’
4 – ‘Closure’
5 – ‘Just Another Ghost’