A note of thanks to all of the bands, contributors, artists, PR reps, promoters, advertisers and friends/fans that have supported what we do

By Dom Smith
By September 22, 2012 September 15th, 2016 Blogs, Culture, Manchester, News

On Friday, September 21, 2012, I won the National Diversity Award (in Manchester at the Midland Hotel – I arrived late, as per) for Entrepreneurial Excellence. There’s a picture below of me looking all emotional about it. Have a giggle at my face! Anyway, in my speech after they announced my win, I thanked all the nominees there, alongside those who have taken part in Disabled Entrepreneurs (and supported me personally) over the years in my work, but because I didn’t really address the magazine (that’s the whole reason I won it), and because I am still all frickin’ emotional about it, I am going to do it again.

To all of the people mentioned in the title, and everyone else who I’ve forgotten to mention (you should know who you are) – you’re all so damn cool, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. If I didn’t have the support of bands, artists, labels and PRs, we’d have no content and no interviews, and if we didn’t have the attention of advertisers, promoters and friends/fans here, we’d have no bloomin’ reason to exist at all. Also, I wouldn’t have got a shiny award. It’s really nice! The contributors are (obviously) very important also. I mean, you are all now good friends of mine, people that I actually love and stuff; I can be an idiot in front of (I do that A LOT, folks), and you’ll still be there. It’s your award really because you do all the (good) work. Saying that, I feel like Golum with the ring at the moment! So, right now, you can’t touch the award. But there will be a time…soon. But yes, thank you all for your patience, support and everything else. I/we’ll continue to do our best to help and support who we can, and try to do something cool all the time so that you never get bored. Oh wait! Wait! I need to thank our print designer Jamie Mahon, and web designer Kieran Schelchter. We started this together, really. You’re both awesome. Thank you.

Lastly, of course, thanks to the National Diversity Awards. I think I fooled ’em into thinking I’m ace. Shhh though. It’ll be fine.

Honestly, and truthfully this is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me, and whatever happens in the future, I am so grateful. Yeah!

I feel a bit cheesy right now, so please forgive me. This goes out to you all. I’m going to do it, you can’t stop me. BAM!

See you at the front.

Much love and all that.

Dom Smith

Team Soundsphere

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