Calva Louise get a little nuts on ‘Belicoso’

By October 16, 2019 Chester, Culture, News

CALVA LOUISE are delighted to lift the lid on a brand new video for: ’Belicoso’.

Directed by friend and videographer Bart Jones, the ‘Belicoso’ video matches the pin-balling fury of their irrepressible latest single with visuals equally as melon-twisting. 

Check it out here and now:

Scorching your eyeballs with a scatter-gun series of maniacal experiments at the hands of some of the most terrifying children you’re likely to see this side of Halloween, the new video takes us into a laboratory of pure parentally-unsupervised chaos. With rampant kids giving adults a taste of their own medicine, it’s fair to say this is a version of Get Your Own Back that definitely wouldn’t meet BBC guidelines.

Inspired by the literal Spanish definition of ‘Belicoso’ (or “lairy” in English), Jess Allanic explains the train of thought that led to the new video’s creation:

“The idea of the video came from the experiences that some people might undergo in their daily lives. We were thinking that diminishing the rudeness of living a mundane life could create a somewhat comedic experience… Then it occurred to us to interpret a scientific adventure, where the characters reach ridiculous extremes looking for a result: the anger that makes us “lairy” (produced by an inverse situation to what is usual, where the children victimise the adults instead) creates energy, that when generated, produces a kind of power through laughter. It is as if the children give the adults a spoonful of their own medicine!”